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Concert Review: The Michael Dessen Trio Featuring Chris Tordini and Dan Weiss at le Grand Dakar, Brooklyn NY 3/19/09

by Vanessa Lee Raymond


Piece #1


They start us off slow,

A flag reaching half-mast.

On this grey day

The composition like weaving

In and out, and slow to build

Bringing a layer of murky surreal to the atmosphere

We’d been swimming and shivering through all day.



Piece #2


We get a blast of electronic but again there are underwater sounds

Dessen finally creates a sound he’s happy with and then he loops

It’s like crickets and frogs on a particularly damp night

But soon the dynamics are staggering

A low sweet bow line below

A crashing cymbal above

Calculated fluidity, they paw their scores like abacists

A slow bead of sweat trickles down Michael’s face

You can see it in the dark.

Usually he blasts us out of the water, ferocious and deft.

Today he is a different man.

He presses firmly into a sweet and piercing note then floats gently down.


At times it seems they lose the thread

But they don’t

I lose the thread

And they continue on.



Piece #3


My spicy fish sandwich with fried yucca arrives.


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  1. Mmm! Great music should always end with Yucca Fries!

    Comment by James | March 29, 2009 | Reply

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