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Album of the Day 4/1/11

Every day, our 1000 best albums of all time countdown continues all the way to #1. Friday’s album is #669:

Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

APRIL FOOL! Today’s album is Chester and Lester by Chet Atkins and Les Paul. This was an off-the-cuff jam session done in Nashville with a rhythm section in 1976, jazzy country legend and (occasionally) countryish jazz legend having a great time. Both of these guys were oldschool – there’s no explosive distorted passages or Hendrix-style noise here, but both of them are fast – lickety-split runs and staccato, sometimes Django-ish rhythm all over the place. For what it’s worth, it won a Grammy, not bad for a bunch of standards, even as fairly radically reworked as these are. It’s Been a Long, Long Time goes by in a short, short time. The Moonglow/Picnic medley does not. Caravan is a cross between Ellington and the Ventures; It Had to Be You gives them a rare breather here. There’s also an expansive version of Avalon (the jazz-pop hit, not the Roxy Music classic) as well as brisk, purist, somewhat bluesy versions of Deed I Do and Lover Come Back to Me, among the ten tracks here. It was reissued with some outtakes  in 1998 as a twofer along with the follow-up disc, the duo album Guitar Monsters from the following year. Here’s a random torrent.

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New York City Live Music Calendar for April and May 2011 Plus Other Events

Currently working on a new calendar for May and June which should be up and running by Sunday. Once again, weekly events are listed at the bottom of the page instead of at the top: scroll down and you’ll find them. If you didn’t see anything that struck you as fun this time around, check back later because we’re in the midst of a massive update.

A few things you should know about this calendar: acts are listed here in order of appearance, NOT headliner first and supporting acts after; showtimes listed here are actual set times, not the time doors open. If a listing here says something like ”9 PM-ish,” chances are it’ll run late. Cover charges are those listed on bands’ and venues’ sites: always best to click on the band link provided or go to the venues page for confirmation since we get much of this info weeks in advance. This is not a list of every band playing every club in NYC: these are critics’ picks, every one recommended for you if the artist or band happens to play a style you enjoy. We try to be descriptive rather than using all kinds of superlative adjectives.

4/1 clever garage rock duo the Fools a 5 PM (no joke – makes sense, right?) at Goodbye Blue Monday.

4/1, 6 PM (no joke) country night with the Melody Allegra Band, Alex Battles & the Whisky Rebellion and Serena Jean and her band at Spike Hill, $6.

4/1, for real, 7 PM Americana siren Abbie Gardner of Red Molly – who’s also a tremendously nuanced, torchy jazz singer – plays the cd release show for her long-awaited new one at the Rockwood – early arrival advised, this may sell out

4/1 – no joke – lyrical jazz piano titan Fred Hersch solo, 7 PM at the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea, $18 adv tix highly rec.

4/1 – no joke –  7:30 PM Piedmont fingerstyle blues guitar virtuoso Mary Flower at the Good Coffeehouse, 53 Prospect Park W, $15

4/1, 8:30ish (no joke), Her Vanished Grace (playing the cd release show for their new one) and Religious to Damn do a goth-tinged doublebill at Union Hall, $8.

4/1 for real, ghoulabilly and noir retro rock with the Dead Sextons at Europa in Greenpoint, 8ish, $10

4/1, 9 PM (seriously) Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band and Lee Fields & the Expressions at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $17 adv tix at the Mercury rec.

4/1, 9 PM an amazing purist rock triplebill, no joke – wickedly catchy, jangly Rickenbacker guitar rockers Jay Banerjee & the Heartthrobs, garage-rock purists the Above and then garage legends the Fleshtones at Maxwell’s.

4/1, 9 PM, no joke, tuneful yet noisy new jazz with Kretzmer/Syversen/Niggenkemper/Peskoff at 1012 Willoughby in Brooklyn, sugg don.; they’re at Local 269 on 4/4/ at 9 for $10

4/1 haunting, twangy southwestern gothic band And the Wiremen play the Bell House at 9ish opening for the Waco Bros., $12 adv tic rec.

4/1, 9 PM Providence doom/metal duo The Body followed by a rare rare NYC appearance by Australian metal blunderbuss Whitehorse at the Acheron in Greenpoint – maybe your only chance to see them, don’t miss it if metal is your thing.

4/1-2, for real, 9/10:30 PM Omer Avital plus Joel Frahm – saxophone, Aaron Goldberg – piano, Johnathan Blake – drums plus Itamar Borochov – trumpet and Matan Chapnizka – tenor saxophone at the Jazz Gallery, $20

4/1 no joke – Brooklyn’s funnest band, Chicha Libre plays a rare Friday show at their home base, Barbes, at 10 before heading off on South American tour.

4/1, no joke, the New Cookers – not the Billy Hart/George Cables crew but guys inspired by the original Freddie Hubbard album – at BAM Cafe, 10 PM

4/1, 10 PM (no joke) goth legend Peter Murphy plays Highline Ballroom, adv tix $35 rec.

4/1, 11 PM (no joke – when this guy’s involved you know he means business) the snarling retro Americana noir sounds of the Reid Paley Trio at Cafe Orwell in Bushwick

4/1, 11 PM roots rock powerhouse Tom Clark & the High Action Boys play Lakeside 11 PM – not a joke.

4/1, no joke, intense Greek traditional party band Magges – sort of the Greek Gogol Bordello -at Lafayette Grill & Bar downtown, 11 PM

4/1 midnight (no joke) lush, atmospheric, socially aware Radiohead-influenced rockers My Pet Dragon at the Mercury, $10 adv tix at the box office highly rec.

4/1-2 the Prisoners of 2nd Ave. – who do a decent oldschool NY Dolls facsimile – at Bowery Electric. And they want $20 for it. No joke.

4/1, 2 PM Broadway Musicals of 1864 at the Town Hall featuring such popular songs as “Let’s Round Up Some Irishmen,” “I Need Some Mercury (Because Down Below Is Killing Me),” “We Won’t Call It Slavery Anymore” and the John Wilkes Booth version of “Dixie.”

4/1, 3 PM the New York Stock Exchange presents a concert to celebrate the successful prevention of the Fukushima nuclear explosions – as we all know by now, there was no meltdown, nor any emission of deadly plutonium or uranium isotopes – with vintage Elvis footage accompanied by a live band at the World Financial Center.

4/1, 6 PM brand-new social networking site presents Shallow Is What We Aim For, We Are Pampered Children, Poser Dumb and My Eyelashes Are Longer Than Yours at Glasslands; celebrity dj Fella Tio spins blo-fi between sets.

4/1, 6 PM Steve Brotherdale’s Joy Division plays the Warsaw ep cover to cover followed by Melvin Seals’ Jerry Garcia Band at B.B. King’s.

4/1, 7 PM How to Stuff Your Trousers: A Panel Discussion with the Pros at Galapagos. What works best? A roll of quarters? A veggie hot dog? String cheese? Six of the best in the business, including Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, David Lee Roth, Keith Urban and our favorite perennial mayoral candidate, Murray Hill share the secrets of their craft.

4/1, 7 PM It’s Inarticulate Night at the Bell House. Ever wonder…um…why you can’t….um…talk to…you know…um…people? Now’s your chance to meet a whole club full of others just like you who will spend the whole night staring at their shoes or trying to figure something coherent enough to say to get the bartender to bring them a beer. $15 cover includes a year’s subscription to New York Magazine.

4/1, 4 PM Taurus & Libra present Payday: The Traveling Party. Ever wonder what it’s like to have to get up and go to work all week long instead of sleeping til 5 PM and living off mommy’s credit card? Join your group leaders Emily and Faden as they take you on an “ironical” voyage around New York. You’ll see the inside of a real check cashing place, meet a real-life bill collector, dodge undercover cops as you drink cheap beer from a paper bag outside a bodega, use real scissors to cut grocery coupons from the newspaper and go on a dollar-store crawl for cheap toilet paper without GPS or an iphone app. Authentic working-class attire is a must: trucker hat, overalls, 1970s sneakers for the guys; moth-eaten polyester, uneven bangs, torn corduroys for the girls.

4/1, 8 PM at Crash Mansion, it’s Eurethra, the world’s #1 Eurythmics cover band. Relive the golden days of the day-glo decade that you fetishize even if you never experienced it with unforgettable hits like Aqua, Plus Something Else and The First Cut! If you get tired of the band, women can join the free wet t-shirt contest in the men’s room.

4/1, 8:30 PM it’s a John Zorn-a-thon at the Stone with John Zorn’s Are You Itchy?, John Zorn’s Don’t Sit on That Chair, John Zorn’s Call the Exterminator, John Zorn’s Call the Exterminator Again and finally John Zorn’s Sidewalk Sale.

4/1, 10 PM the Central Park Conservancy presents a special VIP concert with Kenny G for Platinum Circle members in the new private Great Meadow in Central Park. Enjoy the new golf driving range (please be aware that frisbee is no longer allowed). The line to the brand-new Shake Shack starts at the Battery. Helicopter shuttles to the Hamptons will be running all evening from where the zoo used to be.

4/1 the New York Times exclusive interview with Justin Bieber, conducted by Bono at the Bloomberg Society at 5th Ave. and 42nd St. Get the scoop on both performers’ opposition to abortion, and after struggling to down his first Guinness, hear Justin confess how he thinks that Ryan Secrest is cute.

4/1 it’s the battle of the kiddie bands at Southpaw. This year’s first round pits tiny terror two-year-old William Slomowitz-Park and his avant garde percussion troupe The Isaagnys against the Borough Park death-metal of Siobhan Satmarowitz’ Mitzvah Tank. Meanwhile, the snotty punk-pop of Park Slope’s Germ Bombs pairs off against Turtle Bay newcomer Asanitansamarama Patel and Dowry Large Extra. And Williamsburg contender Yeast DuPont’s laptop project Trite Is goes up against Long Island City’s The Overprotected. All proceeds to benefit the Crusade Against Suicide, in memory of last year’s winner, Hayes Bessemer of the Kaplan Klass Killers (KKK).

4/1, 10 PM Flavorpill and Khloe Kardashian present the first annual Buttcrack Awards at Public Assembly. Do your pants hang low? Do they wobble to and fro especially when you bend over? First prize winner gets a year’s subscription to New York Magazine.

4/1, 11 PM the drummer from the Strokes is dj’ing at a “celebrity party” on the roof of the empty “luxury” condo building behind the Mercury Lounge that nobody wants to move into, free admission with condo tour and $50 credit check.

4/1 Whitney Houston plays the Recoup Lounge way over by the projects, 11:30 ish – she might be running a little late for this one – with the guy you see hanging out in Tompkins Square Park with the broken Casio.

4/1 it’s the first annual Foursquare New York City Marathon, brought to you by the new green BP Oil. You get 26 hours to do as many Foursquare checkins as you can. See who can become the new mayor of the Prada store: in the door, out the door, in the door, out the door! Breakfast, lunch AND dinner at Fette Sau! Bring a sleeping bag to Freeman’s!

4/1, 7-10 PM the NY School of Autotune celebrates with a recital at Arlene Grocery followed by the Body Shots Olympics sponsored by MTV.

4/2, 6 PM pianist Aysegul Durakoglu plays the cd release show for her new one featuring works by Chopin and Debussy at Drom, $10 adv tix rec.

4/2, 7 PM Marc Ribot and a hall of fame of downtown jazz peeps play noir soundtrack stuff including new arrangements of Henry Mancini (Touch of Evil), Andre Previn (Scene of the Crime), Roy Budd (Get Carter) and also Lounge Lizards, Rootless Cosmopolitans, and new noir by the guitarist himself at the Tishman Auditorium at the New School, 66 W 12th St., free.

4/2, 7 PM Nashville/Toronto gothic rock with Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons at Banjo Jim’s.

4/2, 7 PM world-renowned choral ensemble the Tallis Scholars sing a program titled Celebrating the Genius of Victoria at Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 145 W 4th St., $35 tix avail.

4/2, 7:30/9:30/midnight Jared Gold plays the cd release to his groovy new B3 organ jazz album at the Bar Next Door with his trio.

4/2, 8 PM rustic, haunting, sprawling Balkan/jazz/Americana band Kotorino at Barbes

4/2, 8:30 PM a triplebill put together by Brooklyn Jazz starting with the Rob Garcia 4: Noah Preminger – tenor sax, Jacob Sacks – piano, Joe Martin – bass, Rob Garcia – drums followed at 9:45 by the Anne Mette Iversen Quartet: John Ellis – sax; Danny Grissett – piano; Anne Mette Iversen – bass; Mark Ferber – drums and then at 11 the Adam Kolker Trio plus woodwinds: Adam Kolker – reeds; Jeremy Stratton – bass; Billy Mintz – drums plus a wind section, all this for $15 at the Cornelia St. Cafe.

4/2, 9 PM Unsteady Freddie’s monthly surf rock extravaganza at Otto’s is a really good one this month starting at 9 with pounding, ferocious Dick Dale-inspired Connecticut band 9th Wave, the Chillers at 10, Sea Turtles at 11, twangy retro NYC legends the Supertones at midnight and sometime after that Estonia’s Android Vasja.

4/2, 9 PM a classic Syrian music extravaganza celebrating centuries of music in the city of Aleppo featuring a historical lecture by Mohamed A. Alsiadi at Alwan for the Arts followed by a show by a 10-piece allstar Syrian/Middle Eastern orchestra, $20/$15 stud/srs.

4/2, 9 PM haunting Appalachian/Balkan vocal duo AE followed at 10:30 PM by bluesman Blind Boy Paxton at the Jalopy.

4/2 new wave literate rock legend Graham Parker at City Winery, 9 PM, $25 seats avail.

4/2, 9:30 PM Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Quartet playing Esquivel at Caffe Vivaldi.

4/2, 10 PM eclectic Selegalese flavored roots reggae with Meta & the Cornerstones at the 92YTribeca, $12 adv tix rec. The City Billies open with their blend of bluegrass and reggae at 9.

4/2, 10 PM snarling Syd Barrett/Stooges style garage rock with Obits at the Bell House, $13 adv tix rec.

4/2, 10 PM Sonny Rollins band trombone vet Clifton Anderson at BAM Cafe.

4/2, 10 PM anthemic 80s-tinged keyboard-driven art-rock band Overlord at Fontana’s

4/2 jangly, lyrical southwestern gothic rocker Tom Shaner plays Lakeside, 11 PM.

4/3, 1 and 3 PM the Baltimore Consort play eclectic 16th century Spanish compositions at the Cloisters, $35 gen adm.

4/3, 2 (two) PM the Parker String Quartet – who for what it’s worth just won a Grammy – free at Flushing Town Hall.

4/3, 3 PM the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Ives – Variations on America; “American Songbook Selections,” and Howard Hanson’s sweeping, cinematic Symphony No. 2 at Washington Irving HS Auditorium, $20 sugg don. reception to follow.

4/3, 6 PM: Nico Soffiato on guitar, Nick Vedeen on alto sax, Giacomo Merege on bass and Zach Mangan on drums at Downtown Music Gallery.

4/3, 7 PM delightfully irreverent “unconventional oboe trio” the Threeds play Caffe Vivaldi joined by Eleanor Dubinsky who follows at 8 PM, playing new arrangements of Bjork, Mingus, the Doors, Carmichael and Dubinsky as well.

4/3 Nina Simone-influenced, popular Ethiopian-American chanteuse Meklit Hadero at the Skirball Center, 7 PM, $20.

4/3, 7 PM Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine play wickedly smart, socially aware, psychedelic funk and downtempo grooves at the little room at the Rockwood.

4/3 tuneful British/Canadian janglepop band Early Winters (Carina Round’s latest project) at Public Assembly, time/$ TBA.

4/3 glammy, punkish, entertainingly funny Justice of the Unicorns at Bruar Falls at 8 followed at 9 PM rustic lyrical psychedelic Portland songwriter Shelley Short at Bruar Falls

4/3, 10 PM tuneful, sly, literate Americana band the Sometime Boys – the acoustic side project of ferocious art-rockers System Noise – at Banjo Jim’s.

4/4, 7 PM the Ebene Quartet performs the Debussy String Quartet and arrangements of pieces by Miles Davis and Astor Piazzolla, plus “Misirlou,” at the Greene Space, $20.

4/4 Colombian chanteuse Lucia Pulido at 7:30 followed by low-register oldschool Cuban band Gato Loco at 9:30 at Barbes. Gato Loco are also here on 4/18 at 10.

4/4, 7:30 PM the Janus Trio play new work by Paul Clift, Ashley Nail, Christopher Trapani & Lu Wang for flute, viola & harp at the Tank, $10

4/4, 7:30 PM paint-peeling noiserock intensity with the Sediment Club at Bowery Electric, $10.

4/4, 7:30 PM new music ensemble Sequitur plays Robert Sirota’s A Sinner’s Diary; the NY premiere of Victoria Bond’s Frescoes and Ash; the world premiere of Catullus Dreams by David Glaser; the NY premiere of Mix Tape by Armando Bayolo; and the world premiere of Noemi by Daniel Godfrey. at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix rec.

4/4, 8/10:30 PM veteran Chicago blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker at the Blue Note, $10 “bar seating” avail.

4/4, 8:30 PM the Becca Stevens Band’s cd release show at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/5, noon, Members of the Chamber Music Society Lincoln Center play Brahms’ Piano Quartet in G minor at the Greene Space, free.

4/5, 7 PM members of Ensemble ACJW perform Ravel’s Sonata for Violin and Cello, as well as David Bruce’s octet Steampunk at the Greene Space, $20.

4/5-6 trumpeter Jeremy Pelt leads a pretty amazing group with JD Allen – tenor saxophone; Danny Grissett – piano; Peter Washington – bass; Darrell Green – drums at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

4/5, 8 PM at Southpaw: a new low, free Colt 45 malt liquor “while supplies last,” no music, just drunkenness.

4/5, 8 PM Third World at Highline Ballroom $30 adv tix onsale now – don’t know how much, or how many original members, they have left (they were old when they started the band in the early 70s) – ostensibly they have a new album out. 196 Degrees in the Shade?

4/5, 8:30 PM adventurous mostly-female klezmer hellfaisers Isle of Klezbos at the Sixth St. Synagogue, 325 East 6th St (betw First & Second Aves), $15 includes a drink (in temple – yay!)

4/5, 9 PM Dina Rudeen plays the cd release for her brilliant new one at the little room at the Rockwood; dark psychedelic jazz pianist/composer Dred Scott plays at midnight with his trio.

4/5, 9 PM noisy distantly Balkan tinged guitar/trumpet madness with Ben Syversen’s Cracked Vessel at Local 269

4/5, 10 PM UK indie rock pioneers Wire at the Music Hall of Williamsburg; 4/6 they’re at Bowery Ballroom, $20 adv tix rec.

4/5, 11 PM lush atmospheric cinematic art-rockers the Quavers at Cake Shop.

4/6, 7 PM string quartet Ethel play Julia Wolfe’s Early That Summer; Dohee Lee’s HonBiBaekSan; Jacob TV’s Syracuse Blues; Pamela Z’s ETHEL Dreams of Temporal Disturbances; Huang Ruo’s The Flag Project (excerpt) and Anna Clyne’s Roulette at the Greene Space, $20

4/6 jazz pianist Michel Reis plays the cd release show for his haunting new one Point of No Return at Miles Cafe, 7:30 PM

4/6, 8 PM Alison Leyton-Brown’s oldtime piano blues gand House of Stride at Barbes followed at 10 by the provocative, gorgeously harmony-driven oldtimey Roulette Sisters.

4/6, 8 PM clever, playful funk/jazz guitar vet Askold Buk at P&G Bar.

4/6, 9 PM Raya Brass Band at Radegast Hall – it’ll be interesting to see who drowns who out – the Balkan brass monsters or the douchebags who hang out here.

4/6, 9:30 PM an amazing chromatically-charged, minor-key doublebill with haunting Appalachian/Balkan vocal duo AE and multistylistic Russian/tango/cinematic string band Ljova and the Kontraband at Joe’s Pub, $15.

4/7, noon, new music trio Janus play Debussy, Treuting, and Negron at the Greene Space, free.

4/6, 10 PM fun, catchy, female-fronted ska/pop band Across the Aisle at Matchless.

4/7, 7:30 PM a benefit for Japan – a rare small-room performance by the Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra at the Gershwin Hotel, $10

4/7 Metropolis Ensemble and Music from China perform works by Kati Ogocs and Yu-Hui Chang, 7:30 PM at the downstairs Thalia theatre space at Symphony Space, $20.

4/7, 8 PM a good, smart, artsy keyboard-driven rock doublebill: Overlord at Rock Shop in Gowanus followed eventually at 10 by the Secret History.

4/7, 8 PM the Jack Quartet play Tetras by Iannis Xenaxis and Death Valley Junction by Missy Mazzoli, as well as Ari Streisfeld’s arrangements of pieces by haunted Renaissance composer the Greene Space, $20.

4/7, 8 PM Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes plays a darkly pensive, thematic program of two Beethoven Sonatas, No. 21, “Waldstein,” and No. 32, Op. 111, bookended by Brahms (Four Ballades, Op. 10) and Schoenberg (Sechs kleine Klavierstucke, Op. 19) at Carnegie Hall.

4/7, 8:30 PM fiery Talibam trumpeter Peter Evans leads his quartet and quintets at Littlefield.

4/7, 9 PM Timatim Fitfit play “gypsy baroque piano rock” at Pete’s.

4/7, 9ish, Rebirth Brass Band at the Brooklyn Bowl; 4/10 they’re at Maxwell’s

4/7, 10 PM chanteuse Marta Topferova – who never met a latin style she couldn’t make her own, and make it compelling – at Barbes.

4/7, eclectic Brazilian/country/New Orleans band Nation Beat at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

4/7, 11 PM cool oldschool style ska with the Forthrights at Otto’s

4/8, noon, free, the Escher Sting Quartet performs Zemlinsky and Brahms at the Greene Space.

4/8 some cool people on the bill at the small room at the Rockwood. Bassist Saskia Lane of the Lascivious Biddies and others at 6; soulful siren Jo Williamson at 8; cowpunks the Nightmare River Band at midnight.

4/8, 7 PM at the Greene Space – let’s cross our fingers and hope they’re ok – the Tokyo String Quartet performs on its “Paganini Quartet” of matched Stradivarius instruments Haydn’s String Quartet in F major Op. 77 No. 2, the fourth movement of Bartók’s String Quartet No. 4, and Beethoven’s “Grosse Fugue” Op. 133. at the Greene Space, $20.

4/8 indie rock siren AK Healey’s recently reunited, jangly, pensive LES band Scout at the big room at the Rockwood, 7:15 PM, $15; be aware that they’re opening for a vomitous corporate easy-listening band and may only play a short set.

4/8, 7:30 PM adventurous new compositions with the Janus Trio and Mantra Percussion at First Presbyterian Church (Brooklyn Heights), 124 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY, 2/3 to Clark St.; A/C to High St.; R/4/5 to Borough Hall.

4/8, 7:30 PM eclectic classical organist Gail Archer plays Liszt at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, 5th Ave. at 90th St.

4/8, 8 PM torchy catchy compelling soul/trip-hop band Mattison in the back room at the Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg.

4/8-9, 8 PM NYU performers play NYU composers at the Black Box Theatre, 82 Washington Square East adv tix free but required for the show.

4/8 the unstoppably romantic, effervescent, razor-sharp Hawaiian swing band the Moonlighters at Haylards, 406 3rd Ave(at 6th Street), Gowanus

4/8 assaultive, cleverly fun punk jazz with guitarist Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord playing the cd release show for their new one at Zebulon, 9 PM

4/8, 9 PM PinkBrown feat. Cracked Vessel guitar arsonist Xander Naylor with Max Jaffe on drums and Johan Andersson on saxophones at 1012 Willoughby.

4/8, 9 PM long-running garage rockers the Greenhornes at the Bell House.

4/8, 9 PM a hall of fame cast of West Coast Middle Eastern musicians led by percussionist Souhail Kaspar play music of Umm Kulthum, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Farid al-Atrash and Abdel Halim Hafez at Alwan for the Arts, $20/$15 stud/srs.

4/8, 9ish cleverly eerie new music improvisers Dollshot at Galapagos, $10.

4/8, 9 PM it’s the Lakeside 15 year anniversary party – amazing how such a friendly, unpretentious place could survive under siege from yuppies and tourists for so long. And whoever’s behind the bar by 9 is bound to be cool. We may be there.

4/8, 9/10:30 PM south Asian and Middle Eastern new jazz sounds with Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Gamak feat. Dave Fiuczynski on guitar at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $15

4/8, 9:30 PM eclectic acoustic Americana roots/zydeco/country band Blue Sky Mission Club at Hill Country

4/8, 10 PM the Black Angels at Bowery Ballroom; 4/9 they’re at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $20 adv tix. at the Mercury highly rec., this will sell out.

4/8, 10 PM second wave garage rock vets the Greenhornes at the Bell House, $15.

4/8 the Pinstripes play roots reggae and ska at Two Boots Brooklyn, 10 PM. Yankee reggae maybe?

4/8, 11 PM up-and-coming Americana chanteuse Cal Folger Day at Pete’s

4/8, 1 AM (actually weehours of 4/9) psychedelic funk/afrobeat/latin band the People’s Champs at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/9, 5:15 PM twangy surf guitar monsters El Muchacho at Otto’s

4/9, 8 PM up-and-coming southwestern gothic star Kerry Kennedy – part noir femme fatale, part fiery bandleader – at Union Hall, $12 adv tix highly rec.

4/9 a killer triplebill at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse – back uptown again after a brief stay in the East Village – with Alyson Greenfield at 8:30, Carol Lipnik at 9:30 and Lorraine Leckie at 10:30.

4/9, 8:30 PM hypnotic Mississippi hill country blues guitarist Will Scott at 68 Jay St. Bar.

4/9, 8:30/11 PM Jamaican jazz piano titan Monty Alexander at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

4/9, 9 PM a killer doublebill at Bowery Electric with ferociously lyrical songwriters, Linda Draper and Matt Keating.

4/9, 9 PM smart, tuneful, lyrical female-fronted powerpop/janglerock band Delusions of Grand Street at Trash.

4/9, 10 PM Magges – the Greek rock equivalent of Gogol Bordello – at 10-11 Bar, 171 Ave.C between 10th & 11th St. It’s Chuck Metaxas’ birthday show, somebody buy him some ouzo for once!

4/9, 10 PM Karikatura play gypsy punk at Two Boots Brooklyn, 10 PM.

4/10, 6 (six) PM Sara Lewis – simmering jazzy chanteuse who veers between dark cabaret-based piano songs and Beatlesque pop – at Caffe Vivaldi.

4/10 satirical all-female folk group the Lascivious Biddies at the small room at the Rockwood, 6 (six) PM

4/10, 6 PM Ras Moshe & the Music Now Ensemble feat. Kyoko Jitamura and Shayna Dulberger and Andrew Drury, followed at 7 by Belgian duo Olivier Stalon on bass and Pablo Masis on trumpet at Downtown Music Gallery.

4/10, 7 PM cellist Sebastian Baversteam plays a solo show at Barbes followed at 9 by Stephane Wrembel.

4/10, 7 PM adventurous new music ensemble Lunatics at Large continue their Sanctuary Project music-and-poetry series at Synagogue for the Arts, 49 White St., $20

4/10, 8:15 PM second-wave garage rock legends Johnny Chan & the New Dynasty 6 at Otto’s

4/10 hilarious, diverse satirical cowpunk rockers Uncle Leon & the Alibis at Rodeo Bar 10ish

4/11, 7 PM Gina Leishman, vox, baritone ukulele; Charlie Burnham, violin; Matt Munisteri, guitar and Brad Jones, bass at Barbes followed at 9:30ish by Chicha Libre.

4/11, 8ish adventurous new music string quartet Ethel play two world premieres including Dohee Lee’s HonBiBaekSan (The Ritual of White Mountain) and Hafez Modirzadeh’s A Hot Time in the Ol’ Town; as well as performances of Terry Riley’s Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector, and Pamela Z’s ETHEL Dreams of Temporal Disturbances at le Poisson Rouge, $20.

4/11, 9 PM eclectic violinist/composer Mazz Swift, Kontraband/Tall Tall Trees percussionist Matthias Kunzli, charismatic noir punk/goth rocker Vera Beren’s Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble and Patti Hearst-inspired all-female Tania & the Revolutionaries at Small Beast at the Delancey

4/11 oldtime Americana with the Builders & the Butchers at the Mercury, 10 PM, $10.

4/11 fiery charismatic art-rock/goth-punk siren Vera Beren books the night at Small Beast at the Delancey, including a set with her band at 10ish

4/12 catchy tuneful brilliantly melodic jazz from Terry Dame’s Monkey on a Rail in just their third concert since the early zeros, at Barbes at 7 followed by Slavic Soul Party at 9.

4/12-13 bassist Ben Allison leads a two-guitar sextet with Brandon Seabrook and Steve Cardenas plus Jason Lindner on keys, Rudy Royston on drums and Jonathan Blake on tenor at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $20

4/12 bassist Lauren Falls leads a quintet with Seamus Blake, tenor sax; Mike Moreno, guitar; Can Olgun, piano; Trevor Falls, drums, 8:30 PM at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

4/12-17, 8/10:30 PM the Crusaders – who reputedly have returned to their roots as a late 60s style funk/groove band – at the Blue Note, $30 “seats” avail ($35 on the weekend)

4/13, 7:30 PM The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble with Ostravská Banda conducted by Petr Kotik play John Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra with Joseph Kubera, piano; Carolyn Chen – Wilder Shores of Love (world premiere); György Ligeti – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with Daan Vandewalle, piano; Alex Mincek – Pendulum #7 for saxophone and ensemble (world premiere) at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, $15 tix avail.

4/13, 8 PM soaring, sultry, playfully quirky Universal Thump frontwoman/pianist Greta Gertler solo at the Cornelia St. Cafe followed by Cuddle Magic (separate admission – their concept of being a chamber-rock jamband is cool, but they’ve got to avoid getting all twee) at 10.

4/13, 10ish tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar.

4/13, 10ish indie classical composer Emily Wells – whose latest stuff has the playful, accessible feel of Todd Reynolds’ recent work – at Glasslands, $10 adv tix onsale now.

4/13, 10 PM trumpeter Steven Bernstein’s funky Sex Mob at 55 Bar.

4/14, 7:30 PM wry, funny acoustic Americana jam band Tall Tall Trees at Pete’s; they’re also at the big room at the Rockwood the following night at midnight.

4/14, 7:30 PM pyrotechnic violinist Gil Morgenstern’s reliably fascinating, thematic Reflections Series concludes its 2010-2011 season with a program titled Transfigured Nights with pianist Donald Berman and cellist Ole Akahoshi including Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht and Shostakovich’s Trio in E Minor, at WMP Concert Hall, $25.

4/14, 8 PM irrepressible alt-country chanteuse Shelby Lynne at City Winery, $30 seats avail.

4/14, 8 PM provocative, smart Palestinian-American world music songwriter Stephan Said at Drom, $10 adv tix rec. –  the theme is “Tahrir to Madison, Building a Global Movement.” With GritTV host Laura Flanders, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, actress Najla Said, co-sponsors OR Books, FEN Magazine, Helo Magazine, The Mantle, the New Jersey Outreach Group, and WeTheWorld. The show begins with a musical incantation of selections from OR Book’s upcoming acclaimed book “Tweets From Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolution as It Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It.” $10 adv tix rec.

4/14, 8/10 PM Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society – the cutting-edge big band that jumpstarted the big band craze – at Iridium, $25.

4/14 a couple of good dark rock acts at Zebulon starting at 8:30 PM with the historically-inspired Elisa Flynn followed eventually by haunting atmospheric goth-tinged art-rockers Bee & Flower and their killer basslines at 10:15

4/14, 8:30 PM a killer oldschool hip-hop extravaganza at Santos Party House hosted by D-Stroy (Arsonists) with Keith Murray, Lords of the Underground, Group Home, Real Live, Nine, Shabaam Sahdeeq, K Banger, Crazy Legs, DJ Evil D, DJ Eclipse, DJ Rockin Rob, Kon & Amir, and Video Music Box legend Ralph McDaniels dj’ing, $15 adv tix very highly rec.

4/14, 8:30 PM Canadian bluegrass/alt-country songwriter Luther Wright & the Wrongs at Hill Country; 4/15 he’s at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

4/14, 9 PM ferociously lyrical banjo-punk Americana rocker Curtis Eller – can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Fukushima – at Rest Au Rant, 30-01 35th Ave., Astoria; 4/16 he’s at Banjo Jim’s at 8

4/14, 9:15 PM cynical misanthropic funny lyrical songwriter Jim Bianco – the kind we like best – at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/14 cutting-edge alto sax composer/powerhouse Jacam Manricks leads a large-ish ensemble at Miles Cafe, 9:30 PM, $20.

4/14, 9:30 PM bossa/jazz guitarist/songwriter Sasha Dobson at Caffe Vivaldi. She’s also here on 4/30 at 7.

4/14, 10:30 PM careening Balkan madness with Veveritse Brass Band at the Jalopy.

4/15, 7 PM legendary Clash collaborator Ellen Foley (Mick Jones wrote Should I Stay or Should I Go about her) at Lakeside.

4/15, 7 PM torchily compelling songwriter Abby Payne at the small room at the Rockwood; she’s also at Pete’s on 4/26 at 10:30 PM.

4/15, 7:30 PM the Jack Grace Band bring their oldschool 60s country cool and crazed antics to Hill Country; they’re also here on 4/29.

4/15, 7:30 PM Anne-Marie McDermott, piano and Maureen McDermott, cello play Brahms and Beeethoven at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

4/15, 8 PM quietly fiery, eclectic, haunting and charismatic keyboard goddess/retro rock tunesmith Rachelle Garniez at Barbes followed at 10 by wild jazzy gypsy rock/jazz from Jay Vilnai’s Vampire Suit .

4/15-22 two of the most exhilarating singers on the planet, John Kelly and Carol Lipnik perform their suite The Escape Artist, which ”traces the experience of a performer who has a catastrophic trapeze accident. While stranded on a gurney with a broken neck in a hospital emergency room, he escapes and finds refuge in the images that flood his mind: the sinners and saints, prostitutes and gods that populate Caravaggio’s paintings.” With music by Lipnik and Kelly plus selections by Monteverdi and John Barry, at PS 122, 8 PM, $25/15 stud/srs.

4/15, 8 PM Niger’s desert blues legends Etran Finatawa – who played one of the 20 best shows we saw last year – at Symphony Space, $35.

4/15, 8 PM a cool reggae triplebill at the smaller studio space downstairs at Webster Hall with Echo Movement, Maui Waui and the Green (whose blend of vintage Hawaiian and roots reggae is totally original), $10 adv tix rec.

4/15, 8 PM at Bargemusic Ensemble East plays music for Japanese instruments: Michiyo Miyagi – Haru no Yo (“Spring Evening”); Fukuda Rando – Miyama Higurashi (“Crickets in the Mountains”); Tadao Sawai – Tori no Yoni (“Flying Like a Bird”); James Nyoraku Schlefer – Sankyoku No.1; Toshio Funakawa – Quartet; Hikaru Sawai O-Koto, $35, early arrival advised, this ought to sell out.

4/15 tuneful oldschool Canadian country singer Serena Jean with her band at 8 PM at Matchless.

4/15, 8 PM terse oldschool Chicago blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin at Lucille’s; he’s also here on the 29th.

4/15, 8 PM noisy, funky all-female punk legends the Bush Tetras at the Kitchen, $12.

4/15, 9 PM Dwight & Nicole at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5. If the quieter, boudoir side of 1960s soul and funk is your thing, if you prefer Stax/Volt to P-Funk, you have to see these two at some point. He takes Steve Cropper guitar to the next level; there’s nobody better at lush soul ballads than she is.

4/15, 9 PM ferociously smart lyrical Americana/blues songwriter Joe Pug at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10; 4/16 he’s at the Mercury at 11:30 PM for $2 more.

4/15, 9 PM Franz Nicolay of World Inferno (and that awful trendoid band we won’t mention) does his own good noirish solo stuff at Cake Shop.

4/15, 10 PM intense, female-fronted art-rock/noise/funk rockers System Noise at Trash – vote for them to play Warped Tour!

4/15, 10 PM long spiraling oldschool funk jams with Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds at Sullivan Hall, $10

4/15, 11 PM O’Death at the Knitting Factory – this will probably sell out – $10 adv tix rec.

4/16, 2 PM slinky, haunting vintage 1950s Egyptian film music revivalists Zikrayat free with museum adm. at the Museum of the City of New York.

4/16, 3 PM punk/metal rockers Cojoba followed by ska-punks OFC and hardcore from No Comply and Drain the Sky at ABC No Rio

4/16-17, 5-7 PM free at Issue Project Room, some ideas close to our hearts: “Yolande Harris’s installation Tropical Storm, developed in a residency with Alvin Lucier at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, is a shot of a Florida storm, with the sound of rainfall as the only audio. In The Pink Noise of Pleasure Yachts in Turquoise Sea, Harris explores the place of sound in the underwater animals, and the effects of the sound of recreational boating on the smallest sea creatures.”

4/16, 6 PM Bliss Blood and Al Street’s amazing new noir torch song project Evanescent at DBA, 113 North 7th Street (Berry/Wythe), Williamsburg

4/16, 7 PM charismatic, literate NYC noir rock legend LJ Murphy at Banjo Jim’s with his band

4/16, 7 PM Eleventh Dream Day opens for the recently reunited Come at the Bell House adv tix $20 rec.

4/16, 7:30 PM, repeating 4 PM on 4/17, Lisa Bielawa’s Synopses: Synopsis #2: In the Eye of the Beholder for percussion performed by Aaron Trant, Synopsis #4: I’m Not That Kind of Lawyer for solo double bass performed by Doug Balliet, Synopsis #6: Why Did You Lie to Me? for solo cello performed by Eric Jacobsen, Synopsis #9: I Don’t Even Play the Bassoon for solo viola performed by Miranda Sielaff, and Synopsis #10: I Know This Room So Well for solo English horn will be performed live, with new choreography by Catherine Gallant at NY City Center, 130 West 56th St., $15 tix avail.

4/16 NYC’s funnest, most socially aware, intensely tuneful rock band, the Brooklyn What are also NYC’s best rock promoters. Their monthly residency this month at Trash starts at 8 with smart, lyrical, potent Latin rock vets Kofre followed at 9 by the Brooklyn What, powerpop BW spinoff New Atlantic Youth, some great ska/punk en Espanol with Los Skarroneros and then early 70s style proto-metal band Pistols 40 Paces.

4/16, 8 PM slinky, haunting vintage Middle Eastern/East African group Sounds of Taraab at Barbes

4/16, 8 PM Central Asian troupe Turku play ancient Silk Road repertoire at Drom, $10 adv tix highly rec., this will sell out.

4/16, 8:30 PM ex-Citizens Band music director/pianist Duke Bojadziev plays his orchestral and film works at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall with a chamber orchestra and many special guests, $30 tix avail.

4/16, 9/10:30 PM Tyshawn Sorey – drums, Loren Stillman – saxophones, Todd Neufeld – guitar, John Escreet – piano, Chris Tordini – bass at the Jazz Gallery, $20

4/16, 9 PM ecstatic New Orleans funk/soul orchestra Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5

4/16, 9 PM sprawling, theatrical, cleverly literate Americana/art rockers Balthrop Alabama at the 92YTribeca ,$10.

4/16, 9 PM bluegrass with Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides followed at 10:30 by M Shanghai String Band at the Jalopy

4/16 psychedelic roots reggae monsters Dub Is a Weapon play their cd release show at Sullivan Hall, 9ish, $10 adv tix rec.

4/16, 9:30 PM NYC’s most exciting blues guitarist, Mississippi hill country style player Will Scott at Hill Country.

4/16, 11 PM fearless funny Americana punk rockers Spanking Charlene evoke a cooler, yuppie-free LES vibe at Lakeside

4/16, 11ish acoustic Americana/indie band Bogs Visionary Orchestra at Goodbye Blue Monday; they’re also here late on 4/27.

4/16, midnight ecstatically fun Afrobeat band Elikeh plays Joe’s Pub, $14.

4/17, 1 and 3 PM all-male choral sextet Lionheart sing Thomas Tallis’s “masterful and heart-wrenching settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah, performed in alternation with their traditional Latin chant responsories—as they might have been heard in the chapel of Elizabeth I” at the Cloisters, $35 gen adm.

4/17, 3-9 PM a benefit for Japan with Dizzy Ventilators, Sarah White, pinoy ukelele ska band Brown Rice Family, Caneli Beat, Band Aid Japonica, DJ Mihoko, Brown Sugar baritone sax goddess Moist Paula, Mobius Collective and Retada at BPM, 237 Kent Ave., Williamsburg between Grand & North 1st, sugg don.

4/17, 4 PM hilarious retro Weimar bandleader/crooner Max Raabe & Palast Orchester at NJPAC in Newark, $21 tix avail.

4/17, 6 PM Daniel Carter and Pascal Niggenkemper: “Legendary multi-winds player & new acoustic bass wiz!” at Downtown Music Gallery.

4/17, 6:30 PM Ensemble ACJW with pianist Emanuel Ax playing Dvorák, Prokofiev, and Villa-Lobos at le Poisson Rouge, $20.

4/17, 7:30 PM powerful, emotionally vivid jazz pianist/composer Kris Davis leads a trio at Littlefield, $10.

4/17, 8:30 PM a phenomenally good dark lyrical rock doublebill with the Oxygen Ponies  followed by southpaw guitarslinger/siren/songwriter Randi Russo playing the cd release show for her career-best new one Fragile Animal at the Mercury.

4/17, 9 PM Gamelan Dharma Swara at the Fat Cat. Wow. NYC’s very own competitive gamelan orchestra, transfixing all the pool players. This will be a trip.

4/17, 9 PM pianist Bobby Avey leads a quartet with Miguel Zenon, alto saxophone; Thomson Kneeland, bass; Jordan Perlson, drums at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

4/17, 9 PM rustic oldschool country and hokum blues with the Second Fiddles at the Jalopy

4/18 QNG  (Quartet New Generation), who bring a truckload of recorders of various sizes to every performance and then get amazing antique and modern sounds out of them – at Advent Church, 93rd and Broadway, 7:30 PM,

4/18-19, 8 PM powerful jazz vibraphonist Mark Sherman and his Quintet with Jim Ridl, Dean Johnson, Tim Horner and special guest Randy Brecker at the Kitano, $25 plus $15 min at tables

4/18, 8 PM the irresistible Pipettes – snarling cockney girls playing oldschool Motown and soul – at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $15; 4/20 they’re at the Mercury for the same price with hilarious faux-French garage rockers les Sans Culottes opening the night at 9:30.

4/18, 9:30 PM a rare small club date with the JD Allen Trio at Smalls, this will sell out, early arrival advised. Guitarist Peter Bernstein, who opens the night solo on electric at 7:30, isn’t bad either.

4/18, 10ish haunting, smart, tuneful Americana rock siren Jan Bell & the Cheap Dates at Rodeo Bar.

4/18 free jazz titans the Ullmann/Swell 4 with reedman Gebhard Ullmann and trombonist Steve Swell – winding up their tour for their irrepressible, deliciously fun latest album – 10 PM at University of the Streets, 130 East 7th Street, $10

4/18, 10:30 PM charming, romantic oldtimey Boston swing/blues quartet Lake Street Dive at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/18, 10:30 PM the self-explanatory and badly needed Hate My Day Jobs at Bowery Electric

4/19 Moroccan-American chanteuse Malika Zarra plays the cd release show for her new one Berber Taxi with her band at the Jazz Standard, sets 7:30/9:30 PM

4/19-24 and 4/26-5/1 Bill Frisell plays the Vanguard: first with Eyvind Kang on violin and Rudy Royston on drums, then with Ron Miles on trumpet, Tony Scherr on bass and Kenny Wollesen on drums.

4/19, 8:30 PM keyboard rock the Joe McGinty Seven followed by fearless, wickedly lyrical, entertaining songwriter Ward White’s cd release show at 9:30 at Bowery Electric.

4/19 scorching electric banjo noiserock/jazz at the Seabrook Power Plant cd release show, 9:30ish at Littlefield, $8 adv tix rec.

4/20, 7:30 PM a cool reggae/ska quadruple bill at Sullivan Hall with Soul Rebel Project, Across the Aisle, Roast Beef Curtains and Mighty Mystic, $10

4/20 Tomoko Omura – violin; Glenn Zaleski – piano;Yoshiki Yamada – bass; Ryo Noritake – drums, 7:30 PM at Miles Cafe, $20.

4/20, 8 PM all-woman noir punk/glam rockers the Foxx at Cake Shop – this band is amazing, how they stayed off our radar for so long is a mystery. They would have ruled the airwaves in 1980. Sort of like a more pop Vera Beren or a louder DollHouse. Followed at 9 by funny, entertaining retro LA girlpunks Shannon & the Clams.

4/20, 8 PM accordionist Mariel Berger’s “avant Balkan” band Paper Snakes plays two ferocious sets at the Brooklyn Lyceum

4/20, 9 PM purist retro garage rock with the Solid Set at Lakeside.

4/20, 9 PM celebrate world pot day…well, Williamsburg pot day…at the Charleston at 9 PM with a smoking early 70s style stoner rock triplebill of Strange Haze, followed by Weedbeerd and then the inimitable, hilarious Mighty High. Anna Maria Pizza is across the street if you get hungry.

4/20, 10 PM psychedelic dub reggae with John Brown’s Body followed by the Easy Star All-Stars at Highline Ballroom, $20 adv tix highly rec. Note that some loser from a reality tv show – who’s decided to switch from corporate rock to reggae – opens the show at 9.

4/21, three excellent, separate-admission shows at Joe’s Pub. 7 PM haunting slinky Middle Eastern/jazzy torch song band Pharaoh’s Daughter is $15; lyrically intense, noirish British rocker Spottiswoode’s cd release show at 9 is $15; Afrobeat band Emefe’s show at 11:30 is $TBA.

4/21-22, 7ish Mogwai at Webster Hall, adv tix $28.50 rec.

4/21, 7:30 PM adventurous new music ensemble Lunatics at Large play five brand-new commissioned works by Ryan Fusco, Andre Bregegere, Laura Koplewitz, Alex Shapiro and Mohammed Fairouz as part of their Sanctuary Project at WMP Concert Hall, $25.

4/21 the monthly ska bill has moved from the Knit to Trash starting at 8 with Sewage, Shootout, the Rudie Crew and King Django.

4/21, 8 PM in “Scuttling around in the shallows, Jana Winderen continues her investigation into the sound of shrimp, exploring how the smallest creatures of the ocean use sound for communication, orientation, and feeding. Hydrophones—originally a military development—are repurposed, inadvertently producing unexpected qualities not informed by their original design. Winderen uses these hydrophones to create immersive sonic environments, something far from the original intention of these surveillance devices.” At Issue Project Room, $12.

4/21, 8 PM an avant garde doublebill with Parias Ensemble and choir Quince Vocal Ensemble at the Gershwin Hotel ,$10.

4/21, 8:30 PM, Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative – the celebrated filmmaker/musician with members of Burnt Sugar – at Zebulon

4/21, 8:30 PM Susie Ibarra’s Electric Kulintang – sort of the Filipino counterpart to Electric Junkyard Gamelan – at the Atrium at Lincoln Center, 8:30 PM, early arrival highly advised.

4/21 dark intense eclectic original bluegrass band Frankenpine at Banjo Jim’s, 9 PM

4/21 Lunas Atlas (violinist Rima Fand’s new Frederico Garcia Lorca poetry/music project) at the Jalopy at 9 followed by bluegrass hellraisers Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift) at 10:30.

4/21, 9 PM eerily playful indie folk/art-rock siren Larkin Grimm at Death by Audio.

4/21 a real power trio with Avishai Cohen – trumpet; Omer Avital – bass; Nasheet Waits – drums at Smalls, 9:30 PM, early arrival advised.

4/21, 10 PM the “Revive Da Live Big Band Tribute to the legendary Guru & the Jazzmatazz Legacy” at le Poisson Rouge, $20 adv tix highly rec., this will probably sell out.

4/21, 10 PM captivating Americana frontwoman Julia Haltigan and her band at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/21, 10:30 PM torchy oldtimey jazz/pop with Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade followed by the wild oldtimey Americana/country sound of the Woes at Southpaw, $10.

4/22 Ryan Truesdell leads a 14-piece big band to recreate Gil Evans’ classic 1961 album Out of the Cool at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $35

4/22 sprawling acoustic Americana with Jones St. Station at le Poisson Rouge, 7:30 PM, $10 adv tix rec.

4/22 baritone country/western swing crooner Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers at Hill Country, 7:30 PM.

4/22 it’s a rare Friday night Unsteady Freddie surf shindig at Otto’s starting at 9 PM with satirical spoof the Alien Surfer Babes (a Witches in Bikinis spinoff), NYC’s legendary, twangy, original surf band the Supertones, the Space Rangers at 11 and the fiery Octomen sometime after midnight

4/22, 8 PM pianist Jenny Q Chai and Iktus Percussion Quartet play the world premiere of Five Pieces by Nils Vigeland, as well as works by Gérard Grisey, Lukas Ligeti, Vivian Fung, and two world premieres from emerging composers Inhyun Kim and Dillon Kondor downstairs in the Thalia Theatre at Symphony Space, $15/$10 stud.

4/22, 8:15 PM legendary Haitian big band Orchestre Septentrional at the north cove at Battery Park City, free

4/22, 8:30 PM acoustic Irish/punk rockers Box of Crayons at Bowery Electric

4/22, 9 PM gypsy chanteuse Sanda Weigl’s cd release show for her intense, excellent new one Gypsy in a Tree at the 92YTribeca, $15 adv tix highly rec.

4/22, a monster noisy rock quadruple bill at Death by Audio with the Sediment Club at 9 followed by Degreaser, Pop 1280 and Woman, who absolutely slayed with their ear-drilling hypnotic guitar swirl the last time they played here.

4/22 Evanescent – retro music goddess Bliss Blood’s flamenco-tinged, hauntingly cinematic duo project with guitarist Al Street – at Cin-M-Art Space, 9 PM, 43 Murray St. (W. Broadway & Church)

4/22, 9 PM slinky danceable oldschool plena and bomba sounds with Quimbombo at BAM Cafe.

4/22-23, 9/10:30 PM Orrin Evans’ Captain Black Big Band CD release show at the Jazz Gallery, $20. Note that their Dizzy’s Club engagement is sold out.

4/22 electric bluegrass/country/rock guitar/mandolin monsters Demolition String Band at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

4/22, 10 PM jazzy oldschool latin soul with the Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout at 55 Bar.

4/22, 10:30 PM psychedelic 1960s style pop with latin tinges from Damian Quinones Y Su Nuevo Conjunto at Fifth Estate, 506 5th Ave., Park Slope

4/22, 11 PM hilarious retro country songwriter Hayes Carll at Bowery Ballroom, $15 adv tix rec.

4/22, 11 PM the Boss Guitars play surf classics and obscurities Lakeside, 11 PM.

4/23 Jorma Kaukonen + Jack Casady at Hiro Ballroom are sold out.

4/23, 1 PM a free concert at Bargemusic, early arrival advised, most likely piano music; there’s another on 5/7.

4/23, 1 and 3 PM, early music ensemble Pomerium sings works by Lassus, Monteverdi, Gesualdo, and Byrd at the Cloisters, $35 gen adm.

4/23 intriguing female-fronted noir-soul band Shenandoah & the Night at the Brooklyn Bowl

4/23, 8 PM pianist Vicky Chow and the Del Sol String Quartet at the Gershwin Hotel, playing Gershwin, D’Rivera and others, $10

4/23, 9 PM scorching, noisy, glam-ish punk rock with the K-Holes followed eventually at 11 by campy, entertaining faux 60s girlgroup punks Shannon & the Clams at Glasslands, $10

4/23 Cuban reggaeton siren Telmary Diaz with a live band at BAM Cafe, 9 PM – early arrival advised, this will sell out.

4/23, 10 PM Spanglish Fly at Mehanata. Good match of band and venue: fiery danceable fun female-fronted retro 60s latin soul band and cool, unpretentious Bulgarian bar where tourists and trendoids dare not enter.

4/23, 10:30 PM a rare NYC appearance by bluegrass stars Lightning in the East at the Jalopy.

4/24, 3 PM Chinese Music Ensemble of NY’s 50th Anniversary Concert feat. “a 45 musician orchestra in various settings from small ensembles to the entire orchestra” at Merkin Concert Hall, $25 adv tix rec.

4/24, 6 PM, OMG – you want eclectic and amazing, this is it: Balkan clarinet titan Vasko Dukovski with GL Diana on sitar, Daniel Ori on bass at Caffe Vivaldi.

4/24, 7 PM stars of the NYC Balkan underground, trumpeter Ben Holmes and accordionist Patrick Farrell at Barbes followed at 9ish by Stephane Wrembel.

4/24, 8 PM rustic, intense French gypsy rockers Poum Tchack at Galapagos, $15

4/24 Esquela – the new Americana rock project from the Yayhoos’ Keith Christopher with powerhouse singer Rebecca Frame – plays Rodeo Bar at 10ish.

4/25, 7:30 PM the Del Sol Quartet plus singer Amy X Neuberg play Neuberg, Reza Vali, Ronald Bruce Smith and Ben Johnson compositions at Symphony Space, $20

4/25 charismatic intense somewhat scary cellist/vocalist Audrey Chen plays Roulette, 8:30 PM. One of the crew here insists that her set – “music” might not be an accurate word for it – at Issue Project Room last year was the best show of 2010. Your life will not be complete until you’ve survived an hour or so of her sonic assault.

4/25, 9 PM Ben Syversen’s Cracked Vessel – a wild mix of noise-rock and Balkan brass music, whose debut album was one of our picks for the best of 2010 – at Bar 4. They’re also at the 1012 Willoughby basement series in Bushwick on 4/29 at 9

4/25, 9:30 PM drummer Ari Hoenig does his “punkbop” thing with a good crew: Will Vinson – alto sax; Jonathan Kreisberg – guitar; Danton Boller – bass at Smalls.

4/25 sultry oldtimey stylings with Daria Grace and the Pre-War Ponies at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

4/26 Emmylou Harris at Bowery Ballroom is sold out – good for her

4/26, 6:30 PM pianist Jenny Lin plays Federico Mompou’s “Música Callada” at le Poisson Rouge, $15

4/26, 8 PM Balkan Beat Box at Webster Hall, $20 gen. adm.

4/26, 8:30 PM eclectic new string ensemble Publiquartet play works by Don Byron, Skye Steele, Amanda Gookin, Nick Revel and others at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

4/27, 7 PM psychedelic noir instrumental machine Mojo Mancini – whose debut album was one of last year’s best – at the big room at the Rockwood, $TBA

4/27, 7 PM Mr. Wau Wa – Gina Leishman, vox, accordion, pump organ; Rinde Eckert, vox, accordion, pump organ; Doug Wieselman, clarinet, sax, guitar; Marcus Rojas, tuba and Kenny Wollesen, drums – plays Bertold Brech at Barbes followed at 9:30ish by Chicha Libre.

4/27, 7:30 PM pianist Alexandra Joan – whose remarkable emotional intelligence and fearlessness set her apart from the millions of cookie-cutter classical pianists out there – plays an all-French program of Fauré, Ravel, Enescu and Fairouz at WMP Concert Hall.

4/27, 7:30 PM Egyptian vintage film music revivalists Zikrayat plus a bellydance show at Jebon Noodle Shop, 15 St. Marks Place, $10

4/27, 7:30 PM Svetlana Tsoneva, violin and Vladimir Valjarevic, piano play Brahms, Mozart and Franck at at the Bulgarian Consulate, 121 E 62nd. St., free.

4/27 haunting, hypnotic Middle Eastern sounds with Duo Jalal feat. violist Kathryn Lockwood plus percussionist Yousif Sheronick David Krakauer and Glen Velez at Drom, 8 PM, $12 adv tix rec.

4/27, 9:30 PM the funniest man in hip-hop, Houston’s Devin the Dude at the Knitting Factory, $15 adv tix a must, this will sell out.

4/27, 10:30 PM gypsy goth rock with Yula Beeri & the Extended Family at the big room at the Rockwood

4/28, 1 PM Nancianne Parella performs an organ concert at Trinity Church, free.

4/28, 8 PM swirling, haunting psychedelic guitar soundscaper Thomas Simon at the Gershwin Hotel, $10

4/28, 8 PM wild intense Italian gypsy brass band Mucca Pazza at Santos Party House, $15 adv tix rec.

4/28, 8 PM a Benjamin Lees retrospective: the Cypress String Quartet plays Lees’ string quartets #1 and 6, plus pianist Mirian Conti & violinist Herbert Greenberg play his Odyssey No. 2 and Odyssey No. 3 for solo piano, and Landscape for solo at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church (120 W. 69th), $20.

4/28, 8:30 PM tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Otto’s

4/28, 9 PM Dollshot, who put a deliciously creepy, jazz-improv spin on classical art-song at Galapagos, $10 adv tix rec

4/28 the Newton Gang play their cd release show for their long-awaited new one at Southpaw, 9 PM followed by Gangstagrass at 11, $10 adv tix highly rec, all ticketholders get a copy of the new album.

4/28, 9 PM late golden-age hip-hop icon Talib Kweli at SOBs, $26 adv tix rec, this will sell out.

4/28, 9:30 PM the auspicious debut performance of bassoon duo (!!!) Dark & Stormy (Adrian Morejon and Rebekah Heller) at the Tank playing Gubaidulina, Stravinsky, Mignone, Andriessen and a world-premiere by NYC composer Nick DeMaison.

4/28, 10 PM fun ska-pop with Across the Aisle followed by smartly aware punk rockers the Blame at Fontana’s.

4/29, 7 PM lyrical Steve Earle-esque rocker Mark McKay at Lakeside followed at 11 PM by “the Piggies” which might be a phony name for a big-name act…or a Del Lords show

4/29, 7:30 PM a high-energy gypsy rock doublebill with Watcha Clan and Rupa & the April Fishes at le Poisson Rouge, $15.

4/29, 7:30 PM pianist Angela Pistilli plays Beethoven and Chopin at at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

4/29, 7:30 PM tuneful chamber-pop songwriter Jann Klose with his lush, string-driven ensemble at the big room at the Rockwood, $10

4/29, 8 PM psychedelic noir rock legend Steve Wynn plays a doubleheader with his band the Miracle 3 and then with the Baseball Project, playing songs about the Red Sox, a Yankee pitcher who killed a member of the opposing Indians, and tributes to slap-hitting batting champ Ichiro Suzuki and Pawtucket Red Sox (and Tigers) legend Mark Fidrych. At the Bell House, $13 adv tix rec.

4/29, 8:15 PM Canadian goth siren NLX at Caffe Vivaldi

4/29 surfy latin garage rock with the Cuban Cowboys at BAM Cafe, 9 PM.

4/30, 5 PM the UN Singers led by the sensational Mary Lee Kortes play an eclectic program at Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church, 308 W 46th Street (between 8th and 9th Aves), $15 sugg don

4/30, 7:30 PM a monstrously fun skaragga/metal cumbia/gypsy rock doublebill with Escarioka and Skarroneros at Sullivan Hall, $10

4/30, 7:30 PM comedically talented Erin & Her Cello at the big room at the Rockwood.

4/30, 7:30/9:30/midnight a pretty phenomenal trio at the Bar Next Door: Jacam Manricks – saxophones; Jared Gold – organ and Matt Wilson- drums.

4/30 a killer bill at Don Pedros for a measy $5 starting at 8 PM with high energy noisy guitar/drum duo Eleanor, the Highway Gimps – the missing link between My Bloody Valentine and Motorhead – and the best rock band in NYC, the ferocious, tuneful, funny, indomitable, politically aware anti-gentrifiers the Brooklyn What at Don Pedro’s.

4/30, 8 PM Il Albanico at Pete’s – Colombian music with chanteuse and guitar.

4/30, 8:30 PM the Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Sarah Bernstein, violin/compositions; Kris Davis, piano; Stuart Popejoy, bass guitar; Ches Smith, drums, at I-Beam.

4/30, 9 PM Irish-American rock legends Black 47 at Paddy Reilly’s – just like the old days. Get here early because anybody who remembers how wild their shows here were back in the 90s and is still alive will be here.

4/30, 9/10:30 PM bassist John Hebert’s Rambling Confessions feat. Jen Shyu, vox; Billy Drummond, drums; David Virelles, piano at the Cornelia St Cafe, $15

4/30 latin jazz by the O’Farrill Family Band at BAM Cafe, 9 PM.

4/30, 10 PM stark, tuneful cello rockers Pearl & the Beard at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10.

4/30 Roots Vibration play reggae at Shrine, 10 PM.

4/30, 10ish Kiwi – who play ust about every style of dub and roots reggae – at Bowery Poetry Club.

4/30, 11 PM irrepressibly filthy, sharply satirical, hilarious faux-girlgroup punks Cudzoo & the Fagettes at Trash.

5/1 an amazing free outdoor lineup at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival (two blocks from the Path station – just follow the sound to Washington St.) – intense, smart chamber-rockers Bern & the Brights at 1 PM, Tammy Faye Starlite’s hilarious Blondie cover band the Pretty Babies at 2, Steve Wynn’s hall-of-fame caliber Baseball Project at 3 and the legendary Ian Hunter – still going strong at 72! at 4.

5/1, 4:45 PM organist Scott Foppiano plays a welcome NYC return engagement at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

5/1, 6 PM a fun, entertaing new music/third-stream jazz doublebill with cellist Jody Redhage followed by the playful Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10

5/1, 7 PM smart, edgy, lyrical indie rock songwriter Tara Jane O’Neil at the Mercury, $12.

5/1, 8 PM at Union Pool: Apocalypse Five and Dime presents We Shall Not Be Moved: The New York Five & Dime Sit Down Strikes of 1937, A One-Act Musical written by Phil Andrews starring Josh Lerner and Kate followed by the Stagger Back Brass Band – the Spinal Tap of brass band music –  plus singers Xavier, Sara Lucas, Sarah Gordon (of Yiddish Princess) and Michele Hardesty doing socialist song classics.

5/1, 8 PM psychedelic African soul duo Amadou & Mariam, free, at the Cooper Square Hotel, 25 Cooper Sq., one assumes in the lobby.

5/1, 8 PM oldschool and new rustic Cuban sounds on low-register instruments by Gato Loco at Bowery Poetry Club

5/1 the hilarious Uncle Leon & the Alibis – NYC’s answer to David Allan Coe – at Rodeo Bar, 9ish.

5/2, 7 PM at the Greene Space, free: “Even as violent crime rates in New York have dropped dramatically in the past 15 years [due to NYPD brass’ manipulation of crime stats and their refusal to investigate crimes, rather than any real drop in crime], this controversial police procedure continues to divide law enforcement and community groups. Is ‘stop-and-frisk’ an effective preemptive strategy for crime prevention or a case of racial profiling? The Greene Space presents panelists on both sides of the issue in a discussion about how ‘stop-and-frisk’ affects New Yorkers in their everyday lives.”

5/2, 7 PM eclectic trombone god Josh Roseman’s Water Surgeons feat. Josh Roseman – trombone, bass guitar; Curtis Hasselbring – trombone, guitar; Jacob Garchik – trombone, accordion and Barney McAll – keyboards at Barbes followed at about 9:30 by Chicha Libre. They’re also here on 5/9, same time.

5/2, 8 PM Gutbucket and Pitom play gypsy/klezmer/jazz-tinged noisy groove stuff at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $8 “includes snacks.”

5/2, 8/10:30 PM Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s joins the surviving members of the Les Paul Trio at Iridium, $30. A crazy idea that just might work – she’s fun and always had the best voice in the band.

5/2, 9 PM Gary Morgan & Pan-Americana play eclectic big band jazz at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

5/2 at the big room at the Rockwood, 10:30 PM the Chris Morrissey Group – Ben Wendel- sax, Nir Felder- guitar, Mark Guiliana- drums, Pete Rende- piano, Chris Morrissey- bass followed by Sean Hutchinson’s Still Life at 11:30 – Henry Hey- keys, Chris Tarry- bass, Sean Hutchinson- drums

5/3, 7 PM Phil Kline and an A-list of downtown indie classical types – Matt Boehler on bass, Kathleen Supove on piano, Todd Reynolds on vionlin, Ashley Bathgate on cello – play songs by Kline, David Lang, Meredith Monk, Elliott Sharp at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, 450 W 37th St. betw 9th and 10th Aves., free, res. req. to 212-868-4444.

5/3, 7:30 PM guitar orchestra Los Angeles Electric 8 play Javanese songs, Balinese kecak chants, and music by Mantle Hood and Wayne Siegel at the Tank, $10

5/3-8 7:30/9:30 PM Ron Carter, bass; Rodney Jones, guitar; Frank Kimbrough, piano; Carl Allen, drums; Ron Blake, tenor saxophone at Dizzy’s Club, $30 seats avail.

5/3, 8 PM Bulgarian accordion monster Peter Ralchev and his quartet play a very rare NYC show at Drom, $15 adv tix very highly rec.

5/3-4, 8 PM Bruce Cockburn & Jenny Scheinman at City Winery, $35 seats avail.

5/3 the completely original tuneful hip-hop-jazz marching brass band Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at SOB’s, 9:30 PM $15 adv tix highly rec.

5/3 Americana violin star Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

5/3, 10ish hypnotic, pounding dreampop/goth/psychedelic instrumental trio Big Sleep at Glasslands, $10

5/4, 7:30 PM the American String Quartet play Beethoven, Schubert and Shostakovich at the lovely old-world Fabbri Library, 7 E 95th St., $35.

5/4, 7:30 PM, free, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proudly presents the 4th annual concert, Korea 21: Music Here and Now at Symphony Space – it seems to be more corporate pop-oriented, but might be worth stopping in to see what the buzz is about.

5/4, 7:30 PM drummer Mike Pride’s imaginative, psychedelically tuneful From Bacteria to Boys at the Knitting Factory, $10.

5/4, 8 PM dark female-fronted dreampop/shoegaze Teletextile followed by lyrical anthemic Canadian band Wintersleep – who are a singer short of greatness – at Union Hall, $10.

5/4, 8 PM guitar funk virtuoso Askold Buk at P&G Bar on the upper west

5/4, 8 PM the Dan Weiss Trio featuring Jacob Sacks and Eivind Opsvik at Littlefield, $10.

5/4, 9 PM intense improvisational Balkan group Raya Brass Band at Radegast Hall

5/4 cutting-edge conscious Senegalese/American hip-hop with Blitz the Ambassador and his Afrobeat band playing their cd release show at SOB’s, 9 PM $12 adv tix rec.

5/5, 1 PM Isabelle Demers plays the organ at Trinity Church, free

5/5, 7:30 PM catchy jangly rock en Espanol outfit Cordero at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10.

5/5, 8 PM retro keyboard goddess Rachelle Garniez – arguably the most cleverly amusing and charismatic accordion-wielding songwriter on the planet – followed at 10 by Matuto who are sort of an acoustic Nation Beat, mixing Brazilian and bluegrass influences.

5/5, 8 PM this year’s funnest Cinco de Mayo show with Chicha Libre and Banda de los Muertos de Quisqueya at Littlefield, $10.

5/5, 8 PM the all-female 17-piece Main Squeeze Orchestra conducted by Walter Kuehr, the self-styled “Hugh Hefner” of the accordion world plays Kurt Weill at Drom, $15 adv tix highly rec.

5/5, 8 PM the Curtis Institute of Music’s 20/21 ensemble plays a Joan Tower retrospective at the Miller Theatre at Columbia, 116th/Bwy., $20.

5/5, 8 PM devious songwriters Maria Sonevytsky and Susan Hwang (both of the Debutante Hour), and World Inferno’s Franz Nicolay among others at Goodbye Blue Monday

5/5, 8:30 PM Lebanese trumpet star Ibrahim Malouf and oud virtuoso Brahim Fribgane at the Lincoln Center Atrium at 65th and Broadway, early arrival advised. Malouf is also playing a duo show with pianist Frank Woeste at Alwan for the Arts on 5/6 at 9 PM, $20/$15 stud/srs.

5/5, 9 PM third-wave and second-wave ska with the Hub City Stompers and playful 80s ska-pop vets Bad Manners at Maxwell’s, $16 adv tix avail.

5/5, 9 PM menacing instrumental Israeli heavy metal/surf music with Eyal Maoz’ Edom at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

5/5, 9:30 PM torchy noir rock with Mad Juana at Bowery Electric.

5/5, 10 PM compelling, frequently creepy art-folk chanteuse Larkin Grimm at Union Pool.

5/5, 10 PM Roger Bartlett at P&G Bar on the upper west – is this the the guitarist who was Jimmy Buffett’s one-man road band back in the 70s?

5/5, 11:30 PM Spanglish Fly with their sultry retro 60s latin soul vibe at Southpaw for Cinco de Mayo

5/6 Tift Merritt at City Winery is sold out – good for her.

5/6, 7 PM subtle, vivid classic tango chanteuse Maria Cangiano followed by Gabriel Alegria’s Afro-Peruvian Septet’s weekly Friday gig at Tutuma Social Club on 56th St.

5/6, 7 PM Esquivel revivalists Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Quartet at Miles Cafe, $20 includes a drink and “snacks”

5/6, 7:30 PM the NOW Ensemble playing Judd Greenstein, Patrick Burke, Mark Dancigers, and Sean Friar followed by the Chiara String Quartet playing Jefferson Friedman quartets with electronic efx at le Poisson Rouge, $20

5/6, 7:30 PM the Cassatt String Quartet and pianist Ursula Oppens in a joint appearance tackling the Brahms Piano Quintet, the world premiere of Fang Man’s Images of Lake Erie, Joan Tower’s Dumbarton, and Gabriela Lena Frank’s Ghosts in the Dream Machine. at Symphony Space, $30.

5/6, 8 PM two reverends who have nothing to do with religion: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band play rustic acoustic Americana followed by Rev. Horton Heat playing semi-urban electric Americana at the Bell House, $22 adv tix rec. Rev. HH is also at Highline Ballroom on 5/8.

5/6 a tres bon cajun festival at the Jalopy starting with a Leadbelly style guitar workshop at 6:30 followed at 8 by the Big Road Blues Band, Catahoula Cajun Band, Empty Bottle Ramblers, Magnolia Cajun Band and then a midnight jam, $12 adv tix rec., $25 for the workshop.

5/6  MotherMoon -a smart, tuneful, sometimes haunting soul-influenced female-fronted band, like Cat Power but less precious, or Katie Elevitch in a less amped moment, at Spike Hill, 8 PM, note that there is a $6 cover.

5/6, 8:30 PM at Coco 66 a slamming triplebill with gypsy punks Kagero followed by Raya Brass Band at 9:30 and the equally ferocious West Philadelphia Orchestra at 10:30, $10

5/6 Caithlin De Marrais – one of the most unselfconsciously riveting singers in any style of music – sings her plaintive, thoughtful, compelling songs at 8:30 PM at Littlefield, $12. Sort of like a more rocking My Brightest Diamond.

5/6, 9 PM noir-tinged 2/3 female original rockabilly/surf trio Catspaw at Otto’s

5/6, 9 PM the wry, funny uke/bass project 2 Man Gentlemen Band and the ecstatic, improvisational Infamous Stringdusters at Bowery Ballroom, $15 gen adm.

5/6, 9/10:30 PM fiery, innovative pianist Gerald Clayton leads a quintet with Dayna Stephens – saxophone, Chris Dingman – vibraphone, Joe Sanders (Fri)/Matt Brewer(Sat) – bass, Marcus Gilmore – drums at the Jazz Gallery, $20

5/6, 9 PM Doll Parts (accordion-driven Dolly Parton covers with three-girl harmonies) followed by twistedly funny all-girl country parody band Menage a Twang at Union Hall, $10

5/6, 9:30 PM chanteuse/pianist Lorrie Doriza’s noir/goth art-rock band Vespertina – like the Dresden Dolls, but genuinely menacing instead of cute – play the cd release show for their new one The Waiting Wolf at Bowery Poetry Club, $10.

5/6, 10 PM a killer dark triplebill at Banjo Jim’s with haunting, vivid Americana siren Jan Bell’s band the Maybelles followed at 11 by equally haunting, harmony-driven Nashville gothic band Bobtown and then the Just Desserts playing killer gypsy jazz at midnight. Wow.

5/6 the hellraising Jack Grace Band play classic 60s style country from their excellent most recent album Drinking Songs for Lovers at Barbes, 10 PM. They’re also at Rodeo Bar on 5/14 at 10ish.

5/6, 10 PM scorching, fun glampunk/noiserockers the K-Holes’ cd release show at Cake Shop

5/6, 10 PM Brooklyn’s own intense man in black, John Pinamonti at Sunny’s in Red Hook.

5/6 eerie electric bluespunk with the Five Points Band at Rodeo Bar 10ish.

5/6, 11 PM the wild, intense Pitch Black Brass Band at Bowery Poetry Club, $10

5/7, 4 (four) PM fearlessly lyrical pop/rock siren Elaine Romanelli at the small room at the Rockwood.

5/7, starting at 6 PM Rachael Bell and Derrick Barnicoat (frontwoman and brilliant percussionist of late great ominous psychedelic art-rockers Norden Bombsight) atat the Red brick school house on the corner of Prince and Mott providing a soundtrack to Daphane Park’s ambitious tea ceremony art/performance installation. Part of some New Museum series. Bell says “Art/Food/Drink/Music/Tea/Other, wash your feet.”

5/7, 7 PM a killer Americana quadruple bill starting with Apocalypse Five and Dime, the Roulette Sisters at 8, Roosevelt Dime at 9 and the Wiyos at 10 at Bowery Electric, $8.

5/7, 7 PM Nashville gothic maven – and indie film star – Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons at Banjo Jim’s.

5/7, 7 PM supersonic yet soulful electric blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff at Terra Blues

5/7, 7 PM the Gregorio Uribe Big Band at the Fat Cat

5/7, 8 PM Romanian gypsy siren Sanda Weigl – whose intense new album Gypsy in a Tree is one of the year’s best – at Barbes followed by faux Mexican banda Banda Sinaloense De los Muertos (a bunch of jazz luminaries having fun with banda themes) at 10ish

5/7, 8 PM up-and-coming Americana multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Sarah Jarosz’s cd release show at the big room at the Rockwood, $10.

5/7 the cajun festival at the Jalopy continues with a bunch of workshops for stringed and accordion musicians followed by Cleoma’s Ghost at 8, Jesse Lege & the Bayou Brew at 9:15 and Zydegroove at 10:45, $12 adv tix rec., $25 for the workshops.

5/7, 8 PM comedic, smart Texas songwriter Julia Nunes at Rock Shop in Gowanus $15

5/7, 8 PM repeating 5/8, 3 PM Mark Peskanov, violin, Eric Jacobsen, cello And Steven Beck, piano play Haydn – Piano Trio in C minor; Ravel Piano Trio in A minor; Schubert: Piano Trio at Bargemusic, $35.

5/7, 8 PM, repeating on 5/8, 3 PM the Chelsea Symphony plays The Whydah Returns (world premiere) by Aaron Dai; Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4 in D and Tschaikovsky’s 5th Symphony at St. Paul’s Church, 315 West 22nd St., sugg don. $20

5/7 haunting original bluegrass/Americana band Frankenpine at the Brooklyn Museum.

5/7, 9 PM Unsteady Freddie’s monthly surf rock extravaganza at Otto’s starting with Tsunami of Sound, Jason James & the Bay State Houserockers, the Tarantinos NYC and then sometime after midnight the Spytones.

5/7, 9 PM fearlessly funny Williamsburg punk rock vets the Live Ones at at the Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg

5/7, 9/10:30 PM Dave Liebman, saxophone; Dan Tepfer, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Rob Garcia , drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15.

5/7, 10 PM eclectic Selegalese flavored roots reggae with Meta & the Cornerstones at the 92YTribeca, $12 adv tix rec.

5/7, 10 PM ska trombone star Kevin Batchelor’s Grand Concourse feat. featuring members of the Skatalites, Rocksteady 7, Stingers & Westbound Train at Two Boots Brooklyn

5/7 LES rockabilly/surf/punk legend Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside, 10:15ish

5/7 crazy, virtuosic Capt. Beefheart cover band Admiral Porkbrain at Freddy’s, 11 PM.

5/7, midnight, cello metal with Stratospheerius at P&G Bar on the upper west

5/8, 3 PM the Chelsea Symphony plays Dai: The Whydah Returns; Telemann: Trumpet Concerto in D major, TWV 51; Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5 at St. Paul’s Church, 315 West 22nd St.

5/8, 6 PM amazing, improvisational, soulful pianist Jean-Michel Pilc plays an extremely rare small club duo show with Perry Smith on guitar at Caffe Vivaldi

5/8, 6 PM eclectic Ethiopian/jazz/Middle Eastern instrumentalists Blue Moon Ensemble play Drom, $10 adv tix rec.

5/8, 6 PM the Brooklyn Salsa Orchestra at the Brooklyn Bowl; they’re also here on 5/15

5/8, 7 PM stars of the NYC free jazz underground: Andy Haas (who has an excellent new album out), Will McEvoy on bass and David Gould on drums – at Downtown Music Gallery.

5/8, 7:30/9:30 PM the Juilliard Jazz Quintet w/Ron Carter, Rodney Jones, Frank Kimbrough, Carl Allen & Ron Blake at Dizzy’s Club, $30 seats avail.

5/8, 8 PM Americana rock crew the Felice Bros at the Bell House, $20.

5/8, 10 PM hilarious, scathingly aware hip-hop parody Schaffer the Darklord at Cake Shop

5/8, 10 PM up-and-coming Americana chanteuse Cal Folger Day at Spike Hill.

5/9, 6:30 PM a screening of the powerful documentary Gasland, a terrifying look at how hydrofracking – a dangerous natural gas drilling technique whose legalization was spearheaded by Dick Cheney in 2006 – pollutes drinking water nationwide with radioactive waste including radium. At the Museum of the City of NY, tix $12/$8 stud/srs, res req to 917-492-3395

5/9-12 this year’s reliably intriguing avant/classical Mata Festival at le Poisson Rouge kicks off with ACME, Metropolis Ensemble, Florent Ghys, L’Arsenale, Cantori New York, Dither Electric Guitar Quartet, Ryan Carter, Christopher Mayo, and Angélica Negrón, 7 PM.

5/9, 7 PM Michaela Anne sings down-to-earth, smart, tuneful Americana at Banjo Jim’s. She’s also at Caffe Vivaldi on 5/17 at 7:15 PM.

5/9, 7:30/9:30 PM oldschool soul/jazz siren Catherine Russell and phenomenal band at Dizzy’s Club, $20

5/9, 8/10:30 PM Matt Guitar Murphy at the Blue Note, $10 seats avail. Octogenarian Chicago blues guitar legend who suffered a stroke onstage a few years ago and finished the song before he decided to take a break. If he’s even a fraction of his old self he’s worth seeing.

5/9, 9 PM the Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

5/10, 7 PM the king of the catchy literate rock anthem, Willie Nile and his band at Joe’s Pub, $25.

5/10, 7:30 PM opening night of the Mata new music festival at le Poisson Rouge with ACME , L’Arsenale and Hu Jianbing and Bao Jian, $20

5/10 Monty Python/Bonzo Dog Band’s Neil Innes at Highline Ballroom, 8 PM.

5/10, 8 PM a solid hip-hop extravaganza feat. DP One, J Period, Boogie Blind, Jean Grae and Pharaoh Monche at the Brooklyn Bowl, $15

5/10, 11 PM the Gowanus Reggae and Ska Society aka GRASS play instrumental Marley covers at Spike Hill; 5/14 they’re at Rodeo Bar, 9ish.

5/10, 11 PM powerfully tuneful, catchy, lyrical acoustic rocker Jennifer O’Connor at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10; she’s also at Maxwell’s on 5/15 at 6 PM for two bucks less.

5/10, 5/12, 5/14 Pharaoh Sanders leads a quartet at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

5/11 the NY Funk Exchange plays the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Half Moon, boarding at 7, leaving at 8 from the 23rd St. heliport and the East River, $20 tix available at the Highline Ballroom box ofc.

5/11, 7:30 PM day two of the Mata Festival at le Poisson Rouge continues with Angelica Negrón, Dither, Cantori NY, Chris Danforth and the Danforths, Florent Ghys, hosted by everybody’s favorite Q2 personality, Nadia Sirota.

5/11, 8:30 PM Jacam Manricks – first-rate composer and alto player – and band at Miles Cafe, $20 includes a drink and “snacks”

5/11, 9 PM third-wave NYC garage rock legends the New Dynasty Six (presumably without Johnny Chan) at Lakeside.

5/11 Mike LeDonne leads a B3 trio at the Fat Cat, 9 PM

5/11, 10 PM up-and-coming rock guitar star Rony Corcos – sort of an Israeli version of early Thalia Zedek – at Banjo Jim’s followed at 11 by Cal Folger Day.

5/11 tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar, 10ish

5/12 Renee Anne Louprette at the organ at Trinity Church, 1 PM, free

5/12, 7:30 PM closing night of the Mata Festival at le Poisson Rouge features Metropolis Ensemble, $20.

5/12, 8 PM fiery, brilliantly lyrical, politically fearless Iraqi-American rocker Stephan Said and His Magic Orchestra at Drom, $10 adv tix highly rec.

5/12, 8 PM Cuarteto La Catrina play Mexican and Puerto Rican composers at Symphony Space, $30 adv tix rec.

5/12, 8:30 PM unpredictably brilliant sax titan Jon Irabagon leads a quintet with Jon Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Jacob Sacks , piano; John Hebert , bass; Mike Pride, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

5/12, 9ish olschool East Coast hardcore hip-hop with Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Mobb Deep at the Nokia Theatre, $35 tix avail.

5/12, 10 PM noir cabaret/gypsy punk band Not Waving but Drowning at Drom playing the cd release show for their mysterious new one on a killer bill with slinky Middle Eastern/trance string band Copal, $10 adv tix rec.

5/12, 9/10:30 PM amazing Middle Eastern jazz with Hafez Modirzadeh – saxophones, Amir ElSaffar – trumpet, Vijay Iyer – piano, Ken Filiano – bass, Royal Hartigan – drums at the Jazz Gallery, $20.

5/12, 10 PM sly acoustic jamband Tall Tall Treesat the small room at the Rockwood; they’re also here on 5/26

5/12, 10 PM torchy smart bossa/jazz chanteuse Sasha Dobson plays with a trio at Barbes.

5/12, a very cool doublebill at Drom: 10:30 PM, hauntingly psychedelic violin-driven Middle Eastern/Balkan flavored dancefloor grooves with Copal and theatrical gypsy/steampunk band Not Waving But Drowning at Drom, $10 adv tix highly rec., not sure who’s playing when but they’re both good.

5/12, 10:30 PM blazing chromatic Balkan tonalities with Veveritse Brass Band at the Jalopy, $10.

5/13 Americana guitarmeister Chris Erikson & the Wayward Puritans at Lakeside, 7ish

5/13, 7 PM cello-driven world music band Deoro  feat. chanteuse Dina Fanai at the small room at the Rockwood – their show here in December was off the hook.

5/13, 7:30 PM oldtime hokum blues and hillbilly music with the Second Fiddles at Hill Country

5/13 sharply literate, often hilarious Americana charmer Robin Aigner with her band at Barbes 8 PM followed by lush “historical orchestrette” Pinataland’s cd release show

5/13, 8 PM Mara Milkis – violin; Jerzy Wujtewicz – cello; and RAfal Lewandowski – cello – play works by F.Chopin, K. Szymanowski, W. Lutoslawski, K. Penderecki, R. Twardowski, Alicja. Jonas at Bargemusic, $35, you know the Greenpoint classical posse will be out in effect for this one.

5/13, 9 PM phantasmagorical noir siren Carol Lipnik & Spookarama at Banjo Jim’s.

5/13, 9 PM amazingly period-perfect retro 60s Bakersfield country band the Dixons at the Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg

5/13, 9 PM Kiwi play Brazilian-flavored psychedelic dub reggae at Shrine.

5/13, 9 PM Canadian goth siren NLX at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

5/13, 10:30 PM adventurous bassist Joris Teepe with his combo at the Fat Cat

5/14, 11 AM (yes, starting an hour before noon) the free Wall to Wall Sonidos festival at Symphony Space feat. Arturo O’Farrill’s Sacred Concert for his Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra based on settings of Jewish, Islamic, Gospel, and Afro-Cuban texts; a work for shakuhachi and string quartet [Colorado Quartet] from Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez; a world premiere of Roberto Sierra’s Cuarteto para cuerdas no. 2 [La Catrina Quartet]; Tania León [Harlem Quartet]; new works by Fernando Otero (with dancers); and performances by Continuum, Damocles Trio, Poulenc Trio, Ray Vega, Gabriel Alegria, and many others.

5/14, 6 (six) PM dark Americana songwriter Abbie Barrett at the small room at the Rockwood.

5/14, 7:30 PM terse, intense classical/jazz pianist Michel Reis leads a trio at Puppets Jazz Bar in Park Slope

5/14, 8 PM the Underground Horns – a “6 piece brass band that plays afro funk bhangra new orleans salsa grooves” – at Barbes followed at 10 by Smokey Hormel’s western swing thing.

5/14 dark 80s goth/art-rock influenced chanteuse Kristin Hoffmann at Caffe Vivaldi, 9:30 PM

5/14, 9 PM one of the year’s best triplebills: sultry, funny oldtimey harmony crew the Roulette Sisters at 9, ferociously literate, witty, psychedelic/new wave rockes the Larch at 10 and Pinataland’s Dave Wechsler’s solo Tyranny of Dave project at 11 at the new Freddy’s.

5/14 dark original bluegrass/Nashville gothic band Frankenpine at 9 PM at the Jalopy followed at 10:30 by M Shanghai String Band,$10.

5/14, 9/10:30 PM allstar postbop ensemble the Cookers – who absolutely tore up the Charlie Parker Festival last year – at Iridium, $30.

5/14, 9 PM percussionist Najib Bahri’s El Amal plays a musical/dance tribute to Tunisia at Alwan for the Arts, $20/$15 stud/srs.

5/14 carnivalesque Luminescent Orchestrii frontman Sxip Shirey does his solo thing Joe’s Pub, 9 PM, $15.

5/14, 9/10:30 PM Marty Ehrlich, reeds; Ray Anderson, trombone; Brad Jones, bass; Matt Wilson, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15.

5/14, 9/10:30 PM the Oliver Lake Big Band at the Jazz Gallery, $20

5/14, 10 PM Fish Out of Water play ska at Shrine followed at 11 by punk dub band the Band-Droidz.

5/14, 11:30 PM clarinet monster Ismail Lumanovski and his band the NY Gypsy All-Stars at Drom, $10 adv tix rec; they’re also here on 5/19 at 10:30

5/15, 3 PM the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Handel – Music for the Royal Fireworks; Haydn – Concerto in C major for Cello and Orchestra; Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 at Washington Irving HS Auditorium, $20 sugg don, reception to follow.

5/15, 3 PM the East of the River accordion-and-recorder ensemble play an intriguing Balkan/Middle Eastern/Appalachian/avant program at Bargemusic, $35

5/15, 6 PM Trio Caveat feat. free jazz trombone monster Steve Swell, James Ilgenfritrz and Jay Rosen followed at 7 by guitarist Xander Naylor’s fiery PinkBrown trio at Downtown Music Gallery.

5/15, 7 PM the Four Bags – Mike McGinnis: sax/clarinet Brian Drye: trombone Jacob Garchik: accordion Sean Moran: guitar at Barbes followed at 9 by Stephane Wrembel

5/15, 7:30 PM Geogian slide guitarist Ilusha Tsinadze – who blends traditional sounds from his home country with jazz and blues – doing a cd release show at Joe’s Pub, $15.

5/16, 9ish austere, smart chamber-pop band Pearl & the Beard at Littlefield, $5.

5/16, 9 PM latin/third stream big band Michael Webster’s Leading Lines at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

5/17 frontwoman/guitarist Debra of scorching powerpop/jamband Devi at Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City

5/17 Tariq Ali, renowned author of From Cairo to Madison: The Arab Revolution and a World in Motion discusses the ongoing revolution throughout the Arab world, 8 PM at Galapagos, free.

5/17, 8:30 PM intriguing, captivating jazz trio Minerva’s cd release show feat. JP Schlegelmilch, piano; Pascal Niggenekemper, bass; Carlo Costa, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

5/18, 7:30 PM the most intensely focused, most powerful jazz composer of the moment, tenor saxophonist JD Allen and his Trio play the cd release show for their new one Victory! following a screening of Mario Lathan’s documentary short film about the album at le Poisson Rouge, $15, adv tix necessary, this will sell out. Wish you were alive to see Coltrane in 1963? Don’t miss this one. We have heard the forthcoming album and it is amazing.

5/17, 7/9 PM the prototypical downtown NYC accordion chanteuse, Phoebe Legere with her quintet playing the cd release show for her new one Ooh La La Coq Tail at Iridium, $20

5/18 lyrical janglerock songwriter Paula Carino with her velvet voice, double entendres and wickedly catchy tunes plays with her new trio at 8 at Fontana’s.

5/18, 8 PM Kris Davis – one of the most original, emotionally vivid and lyrical pianists in jazz or anything – plays Barbes with Ingrid Laubrock -saxophone; Matt Maneri -viola; Trevor Dunn -bass, and Tom Rainey – drums, note that there is a $10 cover.

5/18 and 5/19 at 8 PM, concluding on 5/21 at 8:30 PM, violinist Aaron Berofsky and pianist Phillip Bush perform the complete Beethoven sonatas for piano and violin at Merkin Concert Hall, $18 single concert tix avail., $40 for a three-day pass

5/18 jazz guitar monster Matt Munisteri’s new band the Syncopatin’ Detonators at Hill Country, 8:30 PM.

5/18, 9 PM saxophonist Benjamin Drazen – whose latest cd Inner Flights is one of the year’s best – at the Fat Cat with his quartet

5/18 solid oldschool garage rock and soul with the Solid Set at Lakeside, 9 PM

5/18 The Devil Makes Three’s hilarious, satirical, tuneful grasscore at Maxwell’s,9 PM, $10.

5/18, 10 PM Jon Irabagon’s Outright feat. Ralph Alessi (trumpet) Jacob Sacks (piano) John Hebert (bass) Tom Rainey (drums) at the Stone, $10

5/19, 7:30 PM the Trinity Choir sings music of Elena Ruehr at Trinity Church.

5/19, 8:30 PM pianist Dan Tepfer and tenor saxophonist Noah Preminger at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

5/19, 9 PM powerful soul/Americana chanteuse Jo Williamson at the small room at the Rockwood.

5/19, 9:30 PM clever, tongue-in-cheek faux torch-song trio the Debutante Hour followed by gypsy rocker Yula Beeri and the Extended Family at Party Xpo in Bushwick, $8

5/19, 9:30 PM alt-country chanteuse Karen Hudson with her band at Lakeside playing songs from her forthcoming Late Bloomer cd.

5/19, 10 PM this era’s finest country music voice, Laura Cantrell plays the cd release show for her new one at Hill Country, $15.

5/19, 10 PM a solid oldschool country doublebill with Alex Battles & the Whisky Rebellion followed by Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides at Southpaw, $10

5/19, 10 PM klezmer/bluegrass legend Andy Statman at Barbes.

5/20, 7 PM tuneful alto saxophonist Alexander McCabe and quartet at Miles Cafe, $20 includes a drink and “snacks”

5/20 one of the year’s best doublebills: the ever increasingly haunting, harmony-driven vintage bolero/rock band Las Rubias Del Norte at 8 followed at 10 by deliriously fun mid 60s style latin soul revivalists Spanglish Fly at Barbes.

5/20, 8 PM Frank Kimbrough – piano; Scott Robinson – reeds; Ray Drummond – bass’ Matt Wilson – drums; play a Monk-themed concert at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center at BMCC, on Chambers just east of the Highway, $25/$15 stud/srs.

5/20, 9 PM multistylistic, deliriously fun, danceable all-purpose Brazilian/country band Nation Beat at the 92YTribeca, $12 gen adm.

5/20, 9 PM adventurous Tiptons sax quartet leader Jessica Lurie with her own Ensemble at BAM Cafe.

5/20, 9:30 PM killer triplebill: oldschool latin soul revivalists Spanglish Fly, funky Afrobeat innovators Ikebe Shakedown and classic Fania era salsa stylists Bio Ritmo at Sullivan Hall, $10 gen adm.

5/20, 10 PM Black Lion & the Akinyoumba band play African roots reggae at Shrine.

5/20, 10:30 PM organist Jared Gold leads a quintet at the Fat Cat

5/20 surf music classics and obscuities with the Boss Guitars at Lakeside 11 PM

5/20, 11:30 PM NYC’s answer to Spinal Tap, Satanicide at the Mercury, $12 adv tix rec.

5/21, 7ish original gypsy punks World Inferno at Webster Hall, $21 adv tix rec.

5/21, 7:30 PM hypnotic, intense, rustic minor-key blues/klezmer/reggae jam band Hazmat Modine play the cd release for their new one Cicada at le Poisson Rouge, $12 adv tix rec

5/21, 7:15 PM killer songwriter triplebill: blue-eyed soul siren Meg Braun, lyrically intense Americana chanteuse Carolann Solebello (ex-Red Molly) at Caffe Vivaldi followed at 9:45 by sharp, often haunting countrypolitan singer Hope DeBates & North Forty.

5/21, 8 PM fearless, funny, intense anti-gentrification rockers the Brooklyn What -our pick for NYC’s best rock band right now – play their monthly show at Trash starting at 8 with No One & the Somebodies, Space Ghost Cowboys and then the Brooklyn What at around 10.

5/21, 8 PM legendary bassist Bob Cunningham and his quartet at First Acoustics Coffeehouse in Brooklyn Heights, $25 adv tix rec

5/21, 8:30 PM the latest Brooklyn County Fair starts at 8:30 with southern soul siren Dina Rudeen’s cd release show for her spectacularly good new one The Common Splendor followed eventually at 10:30 by JD Duarte’s ferocious, fun, intense country/paisley underground crew  the Newton Gang.

5/21, 8:30 PM cult favorite Bulgarian art-rockers Diana Express play Symphony Space, $30 adv tix rec.

5/21, 9 PM stark acoustic southern gothic with the Handsome Family at the 92YTribeca, $16 adv tix rec.

5/21, 9 PM the Cookers’ legendary pianist George Cables leads a trio at Puppets Jazz Bar, $20 plus $10 min.

5/21, 9/10:30 PM the Alan Ferber Big Band at the Jazz Gallery, $20.

5/21, 9 PM an intriguing quartet at the Cornelia St. Cafe with Mike Baggetta – guitar; Jason Rigby – saxes; Eivind Opsvik – bass; George Schuller – drums, $15.

5/21 Spanking Charlene – playful and clever X-inflected LES Americana rockers at Lakeside, 11 PM

5/22, 2 PM future stars of the avant garde Face the Music plays Missy Mazzoli’s masterpiece Death Valley Junction, Judd Greenstein’s hip-hop indie classical piece What They Don’t Like; Gregory Huebner’s Cuban Impressions; Jacob TV’s Syracuse Blues string quartet mashup plus gospel-tinged chamber piece by Paul Schoenfield at PS 142, 100 Attorney St., $15, all proceeds to benefit the school.

5/22, sets at 3 PM and 7 PM composer Ellen Fullman at Issue Project Room’s new digs at 110 Livingston St. in downtown Brooklyn. Accompanied by David Gamper, Theresa Wong, David Douglas, & Sean Meehan, Fullman plays her “long stringed instrument” consisting of wires extended from wall to wall for an otherworldly sound that’s sort of a cross between a harp and a church organ, $15, early arrival highly advised.

5/22, 7 PM Saints and Tzadiks – that’s Susan McKeown, Oran Etkin and Erik Della Penna – at Barbes followed at 9 by Stephane Wrembel

5/22, 8 PM NYC’s very own competitive gamelan orchestra, Gamelan Dharma Swara with the Momenta Quartet and bassist/multi-instrumentalist all-around good guy Shahzad Ismaily at le Poisson Rouge, 8 PM $15 adv tix rec.

5/22 the NYCity Slickers play soaring bluesgrass with harmonies at Rodeo Bar 9ish

5/23 chamber music ensemble Time for Three at Advent Church, 93rd and Broadway, 7:30 PM.

5/23 charming oldtimey swing and hillbilly sounds with Daria Grace & the Prewar Ponies at Rodeo Bar, 9ish.

5/23, 9 PM the playful, eclectic Joshua Shneider Easy-Bake Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

5/23, 11 PM smart, lyrical soul chanteuse Stephanie Rooker and guitarist Ben Tyree at the small room at the Rockwood.

5/24-29 vocal jazz vet Ernestine Anderson with Houston Person, Lafayette Harris, Lonnie Plaxico & Willie Jones III at Dizzy’s Club, 7:30/9:30 PM, $30 seats avail.

5/24, 8 PM Eliza Rickman plays her haunting hypnotic intense songs at the small room at the Rockwood. She’s also at Goodbye Blue Monday on 5/25 at 11.

5/24, 8 PM Booker T. Jones – you know who he is, right? – without the MGs at the Bell House, $25.

5/24-26, 8 PM the Keys to the Future piano festival: 14 new composers, 8 pianists – at the Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street (at Pitt), $20.

5/24 hypnotic postpunk guitar legends Band of Outsiders at Lakeside, 9 PM.

5/24, 10 PM dark fearless surrealistically funny former Norden Bombsight frontwoman Raquel Bell does a solo show at Pete’s.

5/24, midnight, El Pueblo play Caribbean/Puerto Rican influenced dub reggae at Sullivan Hall, $10

5/25 consistently captivating yet completely unpredictable indie classical orchestra the Knights at Lincoln Center’s Kaplan Penthouse.

5/25, 7:15 PM lyrical, tuneful, Aimee Mann-inflected songwriter Andrea Wittgens at Caffe Vivaldi.

5/25, 7:30 PM wild gypsy punks, Kagero, Kendra Morris, YC the Cynic, Afrobeat band Zongo Junction and funk orchestra Turkuaz at the Knitting Factory, $8 tix highly rec., this may sell out.

5/25, 8 PM austere hypnotic imaginative composer/violinist Ana Milosavljevic at the Stone followed by eclectic ex-Ethel violin powerhouse Todd Reynolds, $10.

5/25-28 piano jazz titan Kenny Barron leads a quartet at Birdland, 8:30/10:30 PM, $30 seats avail.

5/25, 8:30 PM trombonist David White leads his jazz orchestra at Symphony Space, $25 adv tix rec.

5/25, 9 PM Diana Jones – Americana singer who follows in Jan Bell’s footsteps, but mining more of the traditional than the original – at Joe’s Pub $12.

5/25-26, 9:30 PM ferocious bassist Omer Avital returns to his old stomping grounds, Smalls with his band

5/26, 1 PM Yoon-Kyung Shin, viola plus others TBA, program TBA, at Trinity Church, free.

5/26, 8 PM arguably the two most vital, original new music ensembles in NYC: the swirling, psychedelic Dither guitar quartet and austere, ghostly, gorgeously atmospheric Redhooker at Merkin Concert Hall, $25.

5/26, 8 PM NYC’s most popular big band, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society and bassist Ben Allison and band at Littlefield, $16

5/26, 8 PM playful, clever toy piano specialist Phyllis Chen at Barbes.

5/26, 10:30 PM gypsy punks the West Philadelphia Orchestra followed by haunting, hypnotic, psychedelic Turkish band Raquy & the Cavemen at Drom, $12 adv tix rec.

5/26, 11 PM Radiohead-influenced art-rockers My Pet Dragon at the big room at the Rockwood.

5/28, 8 PM roots reggae, Afrobeat, desert blues and soul with the inspiring Refugee All-Stars of Sierra Leone at the Bell House, $20

5/28, 9 PM Escarioka at Mehanata. We’ve been calling them the best live band in NYC for a couple of years, now the rest of the world is finally starting to catch on.

5/28, 9 PM exhilarating, anthemic, sweepingly majestic, socially aware Radiohead-influenced art-rockers My Pet Dragon at Bowery Electric.

5/28 sly, funky chanteuse Shayna Zaid & The Catch, 10 PM at the small room at the Rockwood

5/28, 10:30 PM ukelele player/lyricist/sultry chanteuse Kelli Rae Powell at the Jalopy, $10.

5/28 dark female-fronted noir soul band Shenandoah & the Night play their ep release show at Spike Hill, 11:30 PM, note the $7 cover.

5/30 Alan Gilbert conducts the NY Phil playing Barber: Adagio for Strings; Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 “Eroica” at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, free, time TBA (guessing 8ish), early arrival advised.

5/30, 8:30 PM eclectic, often haunting pan-Asian-tinged Jen Shyu’s Jade Tongue with Jen Shyu, compositions, vocals, piano, moon lute, erhu, lakado, dance; David Binney, alto saxophone; Thomas Morgan, bass; Dan Weiss, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10

5/31, 7:30 PM Nathan Davis and International Contemporary Ensemble at le Poisson Rouge, free with rsvp

5/31, 7 PM George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars at B.B. King’s, $37.50 adv tix rec.

5/31, 8 PM new music ensemble Tribeca Monsters! feat. music of Steward Copeland, Michael Gandolfi, Dylan Mattingly, Marc Mellits, Daniel Bernard Roumain, and Jacob TV at Galapagos, $15.

6/1, 7:30 PM dark incisive classical composer/pianist Fernando Otero and cellist Inbal Segev play Bach, Kodály, and Otero at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

6/1, 8 PM delightfully fun, quirky, counterintuitive all-female indie pop band the Walking Hellos at Fontana’s.

6/1, 10 PM, powerfully tuneful 80s punk/new wave throwbacks Changing Modes – who recorded our pick for best song of 2010 – at Sullivan Hall, $10.

6/1 midnight-ish big sprawling funk band Turkuaz at Southpaw, $5.

6/2, 8 PM legendary, brilliant first-wave Irish punk rockers Stiff Little Fingers make their Brooklyn debut at Europa, $20. They’re at the Gramercy Theatre the following night for an extra $13 – that’s how much Live Nation is ripping you off for this one.

6/2, 8 PM the Da Capo Chamber Players’ 40th anniversary concert at Merkin Concert Hall feat. Pierrot lunaire, OP. 21 by Arnold Schoenberg, with guest soprano, Lucy Shelton; the world premiere performance of Gravity by George Tsontakis (written for the 40th anniversary of Da Capo); the New York premiere of Midnight Rounds by Keith Fitch (written for the 40th anniversary of Da Capo); Tres Lent as well as And…They’re Off! by Joan Tower (who was the ensemble’s founding pianist), $20 adv tix very highly rec., this should sell out.

6/2, 8:30 PM trombonist Samuel Blaser leads a quartet with Russ Lossing, piano; Eivind Opsvik, bass; Paul Motian, drums; Samuel Blaser, trombone playing the cd release show for his latest one at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15

6/2, 8:30 PM new music ensemble Sybarite5 play the Lincoln Center Atrium at 65th/Bwy, letting their ipod shuffle choose the pieces they’ll be performing, early arrival advised.

6/2, midnight, dark female-fronted soul band MotherMoon at Spike Hill.

6/3, 8 PM torchy noir Americana siren Lily & the Parlour Tricks followed by oldschool soul revivalist/crooner Eli Paperboy Reed at Southpaw, $12 gen adm.

6/3, 9/10:30 PM Ingrid Laubrock, tenor sax; Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Kris Davis, piano; Tom Rainey, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15

6/3 ferocious Nashville gothic rockers Ninth House play Sathony in Astoria.

6/3 wry, literate Nashville gothic with Maynard & the Mustiesat Lakeside, 11 PM.

6/3, 11:30 PM ecstatic Brazilian funk/reggae/maracatu band Dende & Hahahaes at Joe’s Pub $12.

6/4, 6:30 PM, free, the St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble play Gershwin: Lullaby for Strings; Barber:Adagio for Strings; Dvorak: String Quartet No. 12, “American” at Flushing Town Hall, tix req., early arrival advised.

6/4 a blast from the past – legendary oldschool Williamsburg punk/indie rockers FF (which stands for Fat Fuck) at Lakeside, 7 PM.

6/4, 8 PM sprawling acoustic Americana band the Woes at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10; they’re at Sunny’s at 10 the following night for free

6/4, 8 PM the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma at NJPAC in Newark, $25 seats avail.

6/4, 9/10:30 PM drummer Ralph Peterson’s brilliant B3 band the Unity Project plays the cd release show for their spectacularly good new one with Pat Bianchi, organ; Josh Evan, trumpet; Wayne Escoffery, tenor sax at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15

6/4, 10 PM cowpunk with the Nightmare River Band at Spike Hill.

6/5, 7:30 PM trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet w/ Angelica Sanchez (piano), John Lindberg (bass) and Pheeroan akLaff (drums) at le Poisson Rouge, adv tix $15 rec.

6/5, 8 PM tuneful Americana harmony band the Bowmans at the small room at the Rockwood

6/5, 8 PM composer Eve Beglarian and her new band Brim at Galapagos, $15.

6/5, 8:30 PM bassist Petros Klampanis plays the cd release show for his eclectic new one feat. Megan Gould , violin; Heather Paauwe, violin; Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin, viola; Yoed Nir, cello; Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Magda giannikou, guest vocals at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

6/6, 7:30/9:30 PM Orrin Evans & the Captain Black Big Band at Dizzy’s Club, $20, better reserve now, these guys sell out fast.

6/6 arguably the first-ever guitar jazz triplebill at the Mercury with the astonishingly smart, intense, original, bluesy Marvin Sewell at 8, Liberty Ellman at 9 and then Moroccan-inspired Dave Fiuczynski at 10, $15.

6/6-7 the Melvins at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 PM, $20 adv tix avail. at the Mercury weekdays til 7 PM

6/7, 8 PM Carol Lipnik & Spookarama play the cd release show for their hypnotic, haunting new one M.O.T.H. at the big room at the Rockwood.

6/8, 9 PM James McMurtry at the Bell House, $15. He’s also at Maxwell’s on 6/17 at 7:30 for the same price.

6/9, 7:30 PM intense Balkan-influenced songwriter Alina Simone at Joe’s Pub $12.

6/9 oldschool salsa band Bio Ritmo followed by Afrobeat crew Ikebe Shakedown’s cd release show, 9 PM at Southpaw, $10 gen adm.

6/10, 8 PM assaultive hilarious Chinatown hip-hop pioneers the Notorious MSG’s cd release show at the Brooklyn Bowl, only $5.

6/10, 8 PM Lisle Atkinson & Neo Bass play bass arrangements of Ellington feat. guests pianists at Symphony Space, $25 adv tix rec.

6/10, 8 PM antique Americana harmony band Ollabelle (all original members) at City Winery, $20 standing room tix avail.

6/10 baritone country crooner/bandleader Dale Watson at Maxwell’s 10ish, $10 (note separate admission from earlier NRBQ concert).

6/10, midnight, clever fun retro 80s synth-disco duo Hank & Cupcakes at the Mercury, $10.

6/11, 6 PM singer-songwriter satirists the Lascivious Biddies at the small room at the Rockwood

6/11 haunting noir Americana crooner Mark Sinnis (of Ninth House) plays the cd release for his new one The Undertaker In My Rearview Mirror at Duff’s Bar in South Williamsburg, 9 PM.

6/11, 9/10:30 PM John McNeil, trumpet; Bill McHenry, tenor; Joe Martin, bass; Rodney Green, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15

6/11, 10 PM oldtime country harmony hellraisers Those Darlins at Maxwell’s, $10.

6/12, 8:30 PM trumpeter Sarah Wilson plays the cd release for her new one with Myra Melford, piano; Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Jerome Harris, bass; Matt Wilson, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

6/12, 9 PM killer doublebill: torchy intense chanteuse April Smith & the Great Picture Show plus the phenomenally charismatic soul man/guitarist Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears at Maxwell’s, $18 adv tix highly rec., this will sell out

6/12, 9 PM wry, often brilliantly funny Chicago oldtimey/Americana/indie band Dastardly at Spike Hill.

6/12, 10:30 PM string driven smart eclectic doublebill: violinist/composer Christina Courtin and our favorite string quartet, Brooklyn Rider at le Poisson Rouge, $15 gen adm.

6/13, 10:30 PM Oran Etkin does his West African jazz thing followed by eclectic captivating Moroccan jazz/soul chanteuse Malika Zarra and her band at Joe’s Pub, $12

6/13 gypsy rocker Yula Beeri and the Extended Family at the big room at the Rockwood.

6/14-19, 7:30/9:30 PM Jamaican jazz/reggae piano legend Monty Alexander & the Harlem Kingston Express at Dizzy’s Club, $30 seats avail.

6/14 dark politically aware jazz/pan-Asian chanteuse/pianiast Jen Shyu at Korzo, 10 PM.

6/14, 10:20 PM ethereal dark art-rockers Elysian Fields play the cd release show for their new one at le Poisson Rouge, $15 gen adm.

6/15, 7 PM twangy, tuneful Texas-flavored alt-country band Two Cent Revival play. their cd release show at the Rockwood.

6/15, 7:30 PM pianist Veronique Mathieu plays works by Csickso and Shepherd followed by fearless avant ensemble Lunatics at Large performing works by Raoul Pleskow, Frederick Tillis, Elizabeth Bell, Steven Gerber and Marilyn Bliss at Symphony Space, $11.

6/16 John Brown’s Body – who absolutely slayed on 4/20 at Highline Ballroom – at Maxwell’s, $15.

6/16 dark lyrical songwriter Daniel Bernstein & the Everybody Knows at Fontana’s, 10 PM.

6/17, 9 PM potently politically aware third-wave ska/soul legends the Slackers at Bowery Ballroom, $16 adv tix highly rec.

6/18, 7 PM Metal Mountains (Helen Rush and Samara Lubelski’s ethereal project) followed by Thurston Moore’s Whiteout and then legendary 1960s psychedelic garage band Bardo Pond, no idea how many original members are left, $10 gen adm.

6/18, 7:30 PM tuneful death-obsessed indie pop pianist/songwriter Jeremy Messersmith at the Mercury, $10

6/19 this year’s free Punk Island festival at Governors Island happens two days in advance of Make Music NY as the yuppies are shitting their pants at the thought of loud, nonconformist music being played anywhere near their “luxury” apartments. Free ferries leave on the half hour from the old Staten Island Ferry terminal; here’s a public facebook page about it.

6/19, 6 PM a rare solo set by Matana Roberts at Downtown Music Gallery.

6/19, 9:30 PM rustic, lyrical Americana songwriter Andrew Vladeck’s dual cd/book release show at Joe’s Pub, $12.

6/19, 10 PM terrorist jazz with Peter Evans, Trumpet; Moppa Elliot, bass; Kassa Overall, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

6/20, 10 PM tuneful danceable funk/Afrobeat band Mamarazzi at the Mercury, $15.

6/21 is Make Music NY. We’ll cherrypick the best shows and put up a separate page once the official calendar is up.

6/25 the CCB Reggae Allstars play Marley’s Rastaman Vibration in its entirety plus other Marley hits at the Brooklyn Bowl, $5.

6/28-7/3, 7:30/9:30 PM the Kenny Garrett Quartet at Dizzy’s Club, $30 seats avail.

6/29, 7 PM cellist Marika Hughes at the small room at the Rockwood.

6/30, 8:30 PM Sara Serpa leads a quintet withAndre Matos, guitar; Pete Rende, piano; Matt Brewer, bass; Tommy Crane, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10.

7/2, 8 PM blistering bluegrass jamband Thy Burden’s cd release show at Union Hall, free.

7/8 dark rock chanteuse Nicole Atkins & the Sea at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 PM, $12 adv tix avail. at the Mercury weekdays til 7 PM.

7/16, 10:30 PM garage rock legends the Fleshtones cd release show at the Mercury $12 adv tix rec.

7/29-30 the Eels at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 9 PM, $30 gen adm.

8/11, 8 PM Deer Tick at Pier 54, free, seriously early arrival advised.

8/4, Bill Kirchen and Los Straitjackets at Maxwell’s $15


5/10, 5/18 and 5/26 smart, matter-of-fact, soulful Chicago blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin plays Terra Blues at 7. He’s also at Lucille’s on 5/13 and 5/27 at 8

Sundays there’s a klezmer brunch at City Winery, show starts around 11:30 AM – 2 PM, $10 cover, no minimum, lots of good bands.

Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston). Free drink with your entree.

Sundays May 1, 8, 15 and 22 there are free classical organ concerts at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 4:45 PM sharp

Through May of 2011, the series of free organ concerts at 5:15 PM continues most every week (holidays excepted) at St. Thomas Church, 53rd St. and 5th Ave.

Sundays in May, 6 PM, former New Familiars guitarist E-S Guthrie plays the Rockwood: tuneful lyrically driven Americana.

Sundays at 7:30 at Theatre 80 St. Marks the world’s most socially aware “reverend” and activist, Rev. Billy and his 30-piece gospel Church of Earthalujah Choir, $10 cover but “no one turned away.”

Stephane Wrembel plays Sundays at Barbes at 9. He’s something of an institution here, plan on arriving EARLY, 45 minutes early isn’t too soon since the whole bar gets packed fast. The guitarist has few if any equals as an interpreter of Django Reinhardt, but it’s where he takes the gypsy jazz influence in his own remarkably original, psychedelic writing – and what he brings to the Django stuff – that makes all the difference. One of the most interesting players in any style of music, anywhere in the world.

Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St.  Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.

Sundays in May the Arturo O’Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra at Birdland, 9/11 PM, $30 seats avail.

Every Sunday, hip-hop MC Big Zoo hosts the long-running End of the Weak rap showcase at the Pyramid, 9 PM, admission $5 before 10, $7 afterward. This is one of the best places to discover some of the hottest under-the-radar hip-hop talent, both short cameos as well as longer sets from both newcomers and established vets.

Sundays in May at midnight Thad Debrock plays the small room at the Rockwood. The club calendar says he once played with the Jonas Bros., but if that’s true, don’t hold it against him. A highly sought-after sideman, multi-instrumentalist and film composer, he has a purist touch, a laserlike sense of melody and a deep list of good musicians to choose from.

Mondays at the Fat Cat the Choi Fairbanks String Quartet play a wide repertoire of chamber music from Bach to Shostakovich starting at 7.

Mondays starting a little after 7 PM Howard Williams leads his Jazz Orchestra from the piano at the Garage, 99 7th Ave. S at Grove St. There are also big bands here most every Tuesday at 7.

Mondays at the Jazz Standard it’s all Mingus, whether with the Mingus Orchestra, Big Band or Mingus Dynasty: you know the material and the players are all first rate. Sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 and worth it.

Also Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering what you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog).

Mondays 5/2, 9 and 16 Gringoman (that’s Americana rock guitar legend and Lakeside honcho Eric “Roscoe” Ambel solo) at Lakeside 9 PM

Mondays at Tea Lounge in Park Slope at 9 PM trombonist/composer JC Sanford books big band jazz, an exciting, global mix of some of the edgiest large-ensemble sounds around. If you’re anybody in the world of big band jazz and you make it to New York, you end up playing here: what CBGB was to punk, this unlikely spot promises to be to the jazz world. No cover.

Mondays at the Vanguard the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – composer Jim McNeely’s reliably good big band vehicle – plays 9/11 PM, $30 per set plus drink minimum.

Also Mondays in May the Barbes house band, Chicha Libre plays there starting around 9:30. They’ve singlehandedly resurrected an amazing subgenre, chicha, which was popular in the Peruvian Amazon in the late 60s and early 70s. With electric accordion, cuatro, surf guitar and a slinky but boisterous rhythm section, their mix of obscure classics and originals is one of the funnest, most danceable things you’ll witness this year.

Also Mondays in May Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Union Pool in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 11 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, sexy original songs and is one of the most charismatic, intense live performers of our time. It’s a crazy dance party til past three in the morning. Paula Henderson from Burnt Sugar is the lead soloist on baritone sax, with Dave Smith from Smoota and the Fela pit band on trombone, with frequent special guests.

The second and fourth Tuesday of the month there are free organ concerts at half past noon at Central Synagogue, 652 Lexington Ave @ 55th St. curated by celebrated organ adventurer Gail Archer, a global mix of veteran and up-and-coming talent.

Tuesdays at 7 PM from May through July it’s a classical piano series playfully titled Upright Piano Brigade, an A-list of classical talent playing the brand-new Sauter piano at Barbes. May artists include Michael Brown on May 3; Evan Shinners on May 10; Tanya Bannister on May 17; Gregg Kallor on the 24th and William McNally on the 31st.

Tuesdays in May brass maniacs Slavic Soul Party  play Barbes at 9. Get here as soon as you can as they’re very popular.

Tuesdays in May the Dred Scott Trio play astonishingly smart, dark piano jazz at the smaller room at the Rockwood at midnight.

Wednesdays at 9 PM Feral Foster’s Roots & Ruckus takes over the Jalopy, a reliably excellent weekly mix of oldtimey acts: blues, bluegrass, country and swing.

Every Thursday the Michael Arenella Quartet play 1920s hot jazz 8-11 PM at Nios, 130 W 46th St.

Thursdays and Fridays in May at Mehanata it’s Bulgarian sax powerhouse Yuri Yukanov and the Grand Masters of Gypsy Music, 10 PM, $10.

Thursdays in May hard-rocking nuevo latin soul man Rene Lopez plays Nublu. The club calendar says 9, which probably means 11.

Fridays at 8:30 PM adventurous cellist/composer Valerie Kuehne books an intriguing avant garde/classical/unclassifiable “weekly experimental cabaret” at Cafe Orwell in Bushwick, 247 Varet St. (White/Bogart), L to Morgan Ave. It’s sort of a more outside version of Small Beast, a lot of cutting-edge performers working out new ideas in casual, unstuffy surroundings. Kuehne promises “never a dull moment.”

Fridays in May at 9 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens play the Fat Cat.

Saturdays eclectic compelling Brazilian jazz chanteuse Marianni and her excellent band at Zinc Bar, three sets starting at 10 PM

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